Pimp My Whopper

Whopper Bar

The Whopper is now 51 years old, but it’s about to get a younger look.

By year’s end, Burger King will be launching the Whopper Bar, a do-it-yourself burger bar, featuring Starbucks-style open kitchens, circular chrome countertops and plasma televisions that play looped videos of open flames.

And customers will be treated to a smorgasbord of Whopper options. Varieties include the Angry Whopper, topped with spicy onions (and popular in England); the Texas Double Whopper, with bacon and jalapeños; and the Rodeo Whopper, featuring fried onion rings and barbecue sauce.

Besides the variety of Whoppers, customers can also build-your-own burger.

“The concept is like ‘Pimp My Ride,’ ” Mr. Klein said, referring to the MTV program about customized cars. “To take up your Whopper, make it your own, put you in charge.”

Article and photo from the NYTimes.


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  1. Sues is not Martha on

    hmmm interesting. I don’t like how they’re comparing Burger King to Pimp My Ride. So strange. And, that show is so like…2005.


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  3. mustafa on

    thanks for this sharing

  4. Wine Blog on

    Looks almost retro but it would be a steo in the right direction because most BK’s here in my town are gettin pretty nasty.

  5. Lauren Harrington on

    Its about time the burger joints started to do something different. Can’t wait to try out the new system! Now you really can “Have It Your Way”

  6. Estetik on

    hmmm interesting.

  7. Burun Estetiği on

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