Still Life

Still Life

Great looking shirt from a site I just discovered called Design By Humans. It’s similar to Threadless, where people design shirts, they’re voted on, and then they become a real shirt, but rather than waiting a week for a handful of new shirts to appear, Design By Humans puts a new one up 5 days a week.

These shirts also seem to have a bit more freedom in their design, ie., they wrap around the back, they use some nice foils, etc. And their pricing is decent. $15 for the simpler shirts, and up to $24 for more complex ones.

Anyway, check out this one titled Still Life, which features a bowl of fruit. However, this fruit isn’t your ordinary fruit…

Elvis Pearsley, Marilyn Lemonroe, Albert Pinestein and more all appear as faces on the fruit. Pretty damn clever.

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