Illy in a Box


This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day.

Designer Adam Kalkin has teamed up with Illy Coffee and designed a café in a box that unfolds at the push of a button.

Holiday shoppers milling about the Time Warner Center in New York will have a fabulous chance to experience one of these (pop-up metal containers) soon. Between November 28 and December 29, 2007, they can rest, relax and sip a perfect cup of illy espresso in one of Kalkin’s creations, the temporary Push Button House cafe that the Trieste, Italy-based illycaffè will install there.

With the push of a button, the house opens in 90 seconds like a flower and transforms from a compact container into a fully furnished and functional space with a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, living room and library. All materials used in the Biennale house were recyclable or recycled. As Andrea Illy, chairman and CEO of illycaffe, has been quoted as saying, illy was initially interested in Kalkin’s idea as an examination of “home as one continuous mouldable surface, a relief against which human activity would pop out.” (from Cool Hunter)

And according to Gizmodo

Not only will you get to check out a cool piece of outside-the-box (or inside-the-box, I guess) design, but you’ll get a free espresso when you go.

If you go, report back and let us know how it was. If all goes as planned I’ll be stopping by sometime in December to check it out.


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  1. Toots' mom on

    Great site! I am hungry all of the time.

  2. krsnakhandelwal on

    This would add attraction to site where it is placed,really imaginative and worderful design for dispensing food.

  3. urbanpixie on

    I’ll be seeing it at Time Warner for sure!

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  5. yjchung on

    Unless there was a newly patented toilet design.. I would be concern about it being folded up on its side… judging from the photo that is..

  6. Murple on

    This reminds me of The Candahar (
    ). An Artist in Winnepeg MB made a a portable, working Irish Pub, with a real Irish Bartender.

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  8. r hoke on

    Does that toilet have walls?

  9. jj on

    its shit

  10. josh on

    illy coffee is nice it s great when its frenshly ground

  11. alaice on

    well fuk me till i break look at all that food how cool 🙂

  12. illy coffee on

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  13. alex on

    have you heard about how coffee is being treated in the uk the culture here in the uk is abserlut crap but i love it but others thinkits absert fuck all how depressing 😦

  14. Derek on

    I went to the display in the Time Warner Building, the set up is amazing and the coffee was pretty good.

  15. donny on

    illy coffee is fucked up starbucks is best illy is for shit heads honestly whats the point in illy and costa they all taste burnt to me and costa coffee is a place for douce bags to work at the no good pair of c***s

  16. olly on

    i wouldnt take a shit in that even if i had cronick constapation its a shit toliet and i would want to eat a a place you shit at ither

  17. ellis on

    why would you go and go to a place you can see people having a shit at that fucked who came up with this shit coffee box its for C***nts

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