Tasty Table

Tasty Table

Threadless is always a great place to buy cheap t-shirts, but it’s an even better place when those shirts are food-themed.

Designed by Kenny Wheeler, these “Tasty Table” shirts are a must for the foodie in your life. It might be hard to see but here are some of the elements featured: Ws for Wasabi, Av for Avocado, Mn for Moonshine, Pt for Port, and J for Jello. It’s actually very geared towards drinks and libations, although I can’t remember ever having a drink with avocado in it.

Pretty self explanatory, but this shirt is a periodic table of food. Guys shirts will cost ya $15 while girls shirts go for $17. Also available as a hoodie for $40.

Sizes run out quick so get yours today! Click here to buy yours.


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  1. jeremy on

    Where’s the Bu for burnt? ‘Cause that’s all my homemade chart has on it.

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