12 Pounds of Burritos


I think I’d be done after 2, but competitive eater “Eater X”, a day trader and aspiring pizza chef,  scarfed down 12lbs of them (10 3/4 burritos) in Portland, Maine over the weekend for the title of World Burrito Champ and the $3000 purse that comes along with it. According to CNN.com

Tim Janus, 30, of New York City, said he prepared by just eating candy for a day, which he said helped clear his system.

“I love Mexican food,” he said after his victory.

Just how much does Janus like mexican food? According to the Major League Eating site, Janus recently became the world record for tamales eaten. He managed to swallow 71 tamales in 12 minutes. Second place consumed 57, while third ate 27.

Each burrito was filled with rice, beans, pork, cheese and sauce, then wrapped in a tortilla.

Your favorite competitive eaters were on hand, including Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas, who holds the record for lobster eating and came in 2nd with 10 burritos.

But notably missing was Eric Booker, not only the former burrito record holder, but probably the 2nd most famous competitive eater next to Kobayashi.

The burrito record holder, Eric “Badlands” Booker, has retired from competitive eating and wasn’t on hand to defend his title.

Photo from Flickr.


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  1. dogslol on

    man, competitive eating doesn’t sound like a good thing for your body (even if many of those professionals work out a lot).

  2. Thomas Wayne on

    12 pounds?!? That is a LOT of food to put down in one setting! I don’t think I could’ve done that even back when I had a metabolism…

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