Meet the Chins!

Mr. Chin

Since I’m not asian, I can’t really comment on the politically correctness of this, so hopefully no one is offended by it.

However, if it was a little jewish boy kitchen timer, I wouldn’t be offended. I’d find it funny. So that said, here’s the Mr. Chin Kitchen Timer.

Mr. Chin comes from a long line of Chins, including an egg cup, as well as a salt & pepper set, which includes his wife, Mrs. Chin. According to Uncrate

Questionable use of ethnic stereotypes aside, we really like this Mr. Chin Kitchen Timer ($45) from Alessi. The timer is made from thermoplastic resin, hand decorated, and can be set for any time up to one hour. For more fun with the Chins, check out the Mr. Chin Egg Cup as well as the Mr. & Mrs. Chin Salt and Pepper Set.

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