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Paint by Chocolate

Chocolate Shoes

You missed the exhibition (so did I), but this is still cool nonetheless. Good find by Swissmiss.

A design gallery in Tokyo decided to launch with a gallery of 30 designers using chocolate as their medium.

Thirty designers, artists and photographers plunge into our peculiar relationship with this sticky stimulant, using an array of differing media.

The designs are all over the place, from paintings to a pair of shoes (see above and yes, those are chocolate) to seeds sprouting, paint cans filled with chocolate, a replica beating heart and more. Click here to see photos from the exhibit.


Shortage of Steak


Say it isn’t so!

Upscale steakhouses around the country may be experiencing a rise in cost and a decrease in availability for some of their top-notch steaks.

It’s become such an epidemic that classic steakhouses, such as Peter Luger’s in NY, have been forced to introduce new menu items. In 120 years, Peter Luger’s has never introduced a new steak…until now!

But why is this happening? According to the NY Sun

The production of ethanol, which is made from corn, is one major reason classic cuts of prime beef are becoming more and more expensive, an analyst at the cattle market analysis firm Cattle-Fax, Tod Kalous, said.

Corn is the primary feed for cattle that produce USDA-grade prime beef. Corn is also the main ingredient for what many believe is the fuel of the future, ethanol. The production of ethanol has not only increased the demand for corn, it has made harvests more profitable for farmers, who receive the fruits of government subsidies when it is sold to ethanol producers.

Even with the price of prime beef so high, and with Mr. Kalous predicting continued high prices, most steakhouses have yet to pass on the brunt of the drought to the customer.

And according to NY Mag

Peter Luger’s menu has changed about as much as Stonehenge: You can get a porterhouse steak, lamb chops, hash browns, and tomato-and-onion salad. Technically, there’s salmon on the menu and maybe a few other sides, and they did add bacon, but the genius of the place has been in its simplicity. But as of last month, a rib-eye steak, a relative bargain at $38.95, is for sale. (The slim, seldom-ordered single strip steak is the same price.) It’s the restaurant’s first new steak in 120 years. Why the sudden change?

Simply said, there just aren’t enough porterhouses to sate their rabid customer base and still maintain a semblance of quality.

This can’t be a good thing. And I, for one, will not be ordering a rib eye on my next trip to Peter Lugers!

Photo from Flickr.

Meet the Chins!

Mr. Chin

Since I’m not asian, I can’t really comment on the politically correctness of this, so hopefully no one is offended by it.

However, if it was a little jewish boy kitchen timer, I wouldn’t be offended. I’d find it funny. So that said, here’s the Mr. Chin Kitchen Timer.

Mr. Chin comes from a long line of Chins, including an egg cup, as well as a salt & pepper set, which includes his wife, Mrs. Chin. According to Uncrate

Questionable use of ethnic stereotypes aside, we really like this Mr. Chin Kitchen Timer ($45) from Alessi. The timer is made from thermoplastic resin, hand decorated, and can be set for any time up to one hour. For more fun with the Chins, check out the Mr. Chin Egg Cup as well as the Mr. & Mrs. Chin Salt and Pepper Set.