Cook with Christopher Walken

A lot of food blogs are linking to this 3 minute video of Christopher Walken cooking a turkey. Why? Because it’s Christopher Walken cooking a turkey.

He makes it look like a really simple process.

I embedded the video from YouTube but I’m not sure how long that’ll last. The actual clip is from a site called I’m Cooked (which I had never heard of before). I’m Cooked is a web community for video recipe sharing and their slogan is “Cook it. Film it. Share it.” Seems like a great idea. Here’s some more info.

Started by Joseph Leibovic in May of 2007, came out of a passion for cooking and desire to find new recipes. He found that although entertaining, a lot of the recipes found on cable television were simply way too “gourmet.” So after a little research online, Joseph was fascinated that tens of thousands of “homemade” recipes were up on video sharing sites. Although he had visited these sites on a daily basis he never thought to search for recipes.

After a couple quick searches – a pattern started to appear. The content was there, but because of the sheer volume of videos on these video sharing sites finding recipes became too much of a chore. A simple search under pizza led to search results that contained pizza recipes – but they had to be sorted out from videos such as someone eating a whole pizza in 2 minutes, someone throwing pizzas off a roof, a girl answering the door naked for a pizza delivery guy – so on and so forth. It seemed obvious, User generated content is what people want to watch and those searching for food recipes shouldn’t have to dig for them. The idea for was born. A community in which users can generate only food related content.

Now members can share their recipes with the world absolutely free. You can easily become a popular chef if you keep at it and upload new recipes all the time. The possibilities are endless and what you do with it is totally up to you. does not in anyway supply the content for our site.

If that wasn’t entertaining enough, check out this clip of some guy prank calling a restaurant and pretending he’s Christopher Walken.


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  1. Lone on

    Its Christopher Walken cooking a chicken 🙂 And I love his little twitch/sniff around 1:30. Great

  2. Brett Kelley on

    That was… simply… outstanding–if I must say. (read/spoken in Walkentonian hesitation style)

  3. Chef John on

    Rumor has it that when Mr. Walken heard there was a George Clooney look-a-like (me) doing video recipes online, he became enraged and made this video. 😉 Don’t believe me check out my blog…I could be George Clooney’s twin brother. Enjoy!

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  5. jeremy on

    I love how popular cooking shows are becoming as of late, and it’s great to see sites like this popping up. My wife and I have been hooked on all kinds of cooking shows lately, though I can’t cook for beans.

    My new favorite is Posh Nosh.

  6. SteamyKitchen on

    OMG That was hilarious!!!

  7. Kat on

    Christopher Walken makes anything look cool. Did you see him on SNL years ago? He’s going to need “more cowbell!” with that turkey.

  8. cincodemayo1 on

    He was great on SNL. He’s great in whatever he does.

    Did you see him as “The Continental” on SNL? That’s one of my faves.

    If you missed it…

  9. Kat on

    That’s also a great skit! We’ve got the Best of DVD

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  11. canalmicro on

    you are invited to visit our recipes at canalmicro. You’ll like them!

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