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The Color of Beer

Color of Beer

Designers get inspiration from anything. Art, nature, literally anything.

Even when they’re drunk. Or at least drinking.

And to prove this the folks at Colourlovers have a blog post on various beers and the color palettes of their accompanying hops & barely.

Beer is the world’s oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage. It is produced by the fermentation of sugars derived from starch-based material—the most common being malted barley; however wheat, corn, and rice are also widely used, usually in conjunction with the barley.

We chose several beers of different types and found colors that were warm browns and golden yellows, even some amber reds and oranges… while even serving some deep, rich browns in the darker beers.

Above is one for your viewing pleasure, and click here for the rest.

But that’s just a sample. Apparently scientific research has been done on the color of beer. I present the Lovibond Tintometer Readings for Various Beers.

Readings were recorded in CMY, rather than sample luminance and 2 primaries (the traditional Tintometer technique) to allow a more intuitive interpretation of the results. All measurements made with a 1 cm path length using a Lovibond Tintometer Model E.

Whatever that means…

And speaking of beer, if you’re in need of some new beer glasses, pick these up. These cool tumblers are recycled in Wisconsin from classic Mexican ‘Sol’ beer bottles. Set of 4 for $26.