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Luxury Canned Food


Ever grab a nice steak from the grocery store, go home, throw it on the BBQ, and then realize that you forgot to get something to go with it? Or maybe you’re in a rush for dinner and need to prepare something quick. Well no longer do you need to sacrifice good tasting food just because you’re in a bind.

TASTE is billing itself as the first luxury canned food. According to The Luxist

It’s made from first class all-natural ingredients and packaged in a classy contemporary way.

I thought that since The Luxist made mention of this that it’d be pricey, and it is more expensive than canned foods should be, but they’re not out of this world prices.

For example, the canned cherry tomatoes with basil will run you $2.99, while the premium Italian Grilled Peppers, packed in water and lightly seasoned, will cost you $6.99 a can, which is the same price as the canned Grilled Eggplant.

Also available are a variety of canned seafoods, fruits, nuts and candy, although no pricing is available yet. But click here if you want to learn more about their canned products.