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Double Roll

Slashfood had a little article on a Japanese Pizza Hut creation called the Double Roll. The Double Roll takes the stuffed crust concept to a new level by adding hot dogs and pepperoni to the crust like tiny corn dogs or maybe pigs in blankets, then throws on peas, corn and miniature hamburger patties as toppings. It reminds them on that SNL skit “Taco Town.”

If you haven’t seen the Taco Town skit, go here, and download one of the versions. But if you’re curious as to what it is…

A crunchy all beef taco smothered in nacho cheese, lettuce, tomato, and special Southwestern sauce; wrapped in a soft flour tortilla with a layer of re-fried beans in between; wrapped in a savory corn tortilla with a middle layer of Monterrey jack cheese; wrapped in a deep fried gordita shell smeared with a layer of special ‘guacomolito’ sauce; wrapped in a corn husk filled with pico de gallo; wrapped in an authentic Parisian crepe filled with egg, gruyere, sausage and portobello mushrooms; wrapped in a Chicago-style, deep-dish, meat lover’s pizza; rolled up in a blueberry pancake; dipped in batter and deep fried until it’s golden brown; and served in a commemorative tote bag filled with spicy vegetarian chili. (from Food Facts)

If you think the fictional version is pretty disgusting, then check this out.  Some guys decided to feed their friends by creating the real thing. You can see their blog about it here.