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Coke Redesign

All throughout the 90’s and 00’s, Coke’s been redesigning their cans. Bubbles here, colorful swooshes there, patterns, drop shadows, shades of red, gradients, the works.

But times have changed, and Coke has finally realized they’re a classic brand with a classic product and they’ve decided to keep the design as classic as possible.

So Coke goes classic, but what about Pepsi? Well, Pepsi gets as confusing as possible with a number of cans premiering every 3 weeks that will feature a unique URL for a website to go along with the can theme.

The themes are supposed to appeal to young adults featuring designs inspired by fashion, car culture, music, sports and entertainment.

The first such site, at, appeared through January and introduced the campaign concept. It allowed users to collaboratively create a billboard using selected stencils. The best of these will be made into an actual billboard in New York’s Times Square, which will go up on the first of April, the agency side. (from Yanko Design)

Photo from Under Consideration.