Kobayashi surprised the world by participating in the annual Nathat’s Hot Dog Contest today after many reports said he was mourning his mother’s death, he had jaw arthritis, and he wasn’t training. Kobayashi was present and set a new hot dog eating record of 63 HDBs (hot dogs & buns eaten) breaking his record of 53.5 HDBs.

But then Joey Chestnut had to spoil his triumphant return in an even more triumphant showing.

Chestnut broke his recent record of 59.5 HDBs by setting a new world record of 66 HDBs in 12 minutes, and beating Kobayashi for the first time ending his 6-year reign.

The two gustatory gladiators quickly distanced themselves from the rest of the 17 competitors, processing more beef than a slaughterhouse within the first few minutes. The two had each downed 60 hot dogs with 60 seconds to go when Chestnut — the veins on his forehead extended — put away the final franks to end Kobayashi’s reign.

“This title’s been held by Kobayashi for six years, so it’s about time it came home,” said Chestnut, holding an American flag in his arms. “I knew going into this contest that Kobayashi was going to give 100 percent.” (from ESPN)

AP Photo/Seth Wenig


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