A Season of Change

Park Ave. NYC

Restaurants come and go. Some are good, some are bad, but eventually they change, whether its ownership, menu items, staff or decor. It’s the nature of the business.

But Park Avenue NYC is changes, on purpose, 4 times a year. Every 3 months, the restaurant will close and reopen with a different menu and different decor. The theme is the 4 seasons, so expect the decor to resemble that (this month it’s sundresses and yellow walls) as well as the food (seasonal vegetables and specialties).


Park Avenue Summer, as it’s currently named, is part of the Smith & Wollensky restaurant group and is supremely in tune with the seasons. While most restaurants adapt their menus to accommodate the available foods and prevailing moods of the time of year, Park Avenue takes seasonality to a new heights and will also completely revamp its décor, staff uniforms and place settings. Currently, waitresses wear sundresses, wall panels are yellow, and guests are served Lemon Sole and Peach Sorbet. The restaurant’s interior was created by design agency AvroKO, which took cues from theatre stage sets to help facilitate the transition to Park Avenue Autumn in September. (from Springwise)

The idea is kind of like that of “pop-up” bars and clubs like volume 1 in LA or Grand Opening in NYC (currently known as PONG).

Is it a sign of things to come? Perhaps. It might not be a bad idea being that the restaurant turnover rate is so high, but it’d definitely suck when you just start liking the current theme only to realize it’ll be something totally different just a few days later.

East 63rd Street at Park Avenue


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  1. Adam on

    There is a restaurant in Ft Lauderdale with a similar premise. It is called Seasons 52. Everything on the menu is under 450 calories, and they only serve seasonal/fresh items through a menu that changes every few weeks.

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