Pickles are evil!


Agree? Disagree? Let the fights begin!

If you hate them, pick up this Threadless t-shirt ASAP as they go fast.

And if you love them check out I Love Pickles.

$12 for guys, $14 for gals. Get yours here.


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  1. jate on

    lookin good typeface 🙂

  2. platinumdragon on

    When I was five-ish, my father and our neighbor were talking out by the street. My parents had just bought a gallon-sized jar of pickles. I went in, got one out, walked out and listened to the conversation, trying to fit in with the big guys. When I finished the pickle, I would walk back in, get another one, repeat. I finished that entire jar during that conversation.

    Needless to say, haven’t eaten one since. blech!

  3. Doug on

    Nice – i hate touching them – and on the whole will not seek them out, yet I eat them when they are served with a sandwich.

  4. kitty on

    fucken thats retarded

  5. Jazzy F. Babii on

    LOL I love pickles but this is funny

  6. yoyodoggay on

    THAT SUCKS!!! I LOVVVVVE PICKLES!!!! its a mailbox BITCH!

  7. Bob on

    This is stupid!!!!!! Pickles are awesome! Who is stupid enough to think that pickles are evil. Whoever wrote “Pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil” is retarded!

  8. Hillary on

    How true! I hate pickles! They’re almost as awful as tomatoes and are basically the bane of my existence!

  9. Nonya on

    This shirt is f*&kin’ AWESOME!

    I love pickles, and I love this shirt!

    Please make more!

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