Eggs in a Basket

Toad Hole

Eggs in a basket (a.k.a. toad in a hole, Rocky Mountain eggs, Moon over Miami, Bulls-Eye) is one of the easiest breakfasts you can make. It takes next to no time, only requires 1 pan, and is pretty damn delicious.

Preparation typically begins by cutting a circular hole in the center of a piece of bread with a cookie cutter or upside down glass. The bread is then fried in a pan with butter, margarine or cooking oil if the bread itself is not buttered. When browned satisfactorily, the egg is cracked into the “basket” cut into the toast. The egg is then fried to the desired consistency (it can also be flipped several times and fried on both sides). When eaten, the bread and egg yolk mix readily, giving this egg dish its special quality. It is commonly served with ketchup, jam, maple syrup (with a side of sausage & fruit), or cheese. (from Wikipedia)


  • any number of eggs
  • same number of bread slices (whole wheat was used above)
  • pat of butter
  • spray oil can (or something else hollow & circular)


  1. Heat butter in pan on medium – high heat.
  2. Take circular object (I used a spray can top) and make a hole in the middle of a slice of bread. Keep cut out circle.
  3. Place bread in melted butter. Allow to brown for about 30 seconds. At the same time, place cut out bread in pan.
  4. Next, crack egg in center. Allow to cook until you can’t see the bottom of the pan through the egg anymore.
  5. Flip both the bread and cut out portion. Allow to cook for another minute or so.
  6. Plate and eat. Season with salt & pepper. Yolk should be a little runny when cut in to. Use bread and cut out portion to soak it up.

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  1. jgodsey on

    toad in a hole is sausages cooked in a pan with a yorkshire pudding (or popover) batter.
    which is also delicious

  2. raincoaster on

    Wow, thanks for the trip in the Wayback machine. I haven’t thought about this stuff since I was five.

    I also love the egg in bologna cups breakfast. If only you could order that at brunchy places! Who cares about dignity before you’ve had coffee anyway?

  3. cincodemayo1 on

    Eggs in bologna cups? Haven’t seen those. Please explain! I’m actually a newbie to the basket but it’s so easy and good!

  4. singleguychef on

    Awww, I’ve done this before but it’s been a loooong time. Thanks for the reminder. C will appreciate it too. =)

  5. Jim on

    I got introduced to this dish recently by my ladyfriend while we were cooking up “Pankeggs (,” and I’ve enjoyed it many a time since then. Now I know what to eat for breakfast tomorrow!

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    […] Eggs in a Basket [image] Eggs in a basket (a.k.a. toad in a hole, Rocky Mountain eggs, Moon over Miami, Bulls-Eye) is one of the easiest […] […]

  7. vagabondage1106 on

    Mmm…this was the first thing I ever learned to cook back when I was a kid. Still a tasty (and easy!) treat, on occasion…

  8. Stephanie on

    I knew those as froggy in a pond 🙂

  9. SteamyKitchen on

    We call these Frog Eyes!

  10. The Slapster on

    Heh, the references to not having these since being a kid makes me chuckle. In my upper 30s, and the Wife makes these for me about once a month on Sunday mornings! Yes, she’s wonderful. 😀

    Going to request a pankegg though, that just looks fantastic!

  11. Allison on

    Nobody calls this Egg in a Frame? I always knew it that way, as a kid. Also, what about the best part? Frying the cutout circle of bread in the pan as well, to enjoy its salty, butter-soaked crispiness… mmm!

  12. Evey on

    My boyfriend, as soon as we started dating I learned something very suprising- He cooks! So last time he was over visiting he made me one of these for a suprise breakfast in bed. Needless to say I love him very, very much. Afterwords he taught me how to make one. For best results, after flipping the bread for the second time (to cook the OTHER side of the egg) add some fresh ground pepper, or one of three options: salt, onion powder, or my personal favorite, some garlic-based season-all. Best breakfast item EVER.

  13. Jessie on

    I love eggs!!! The egg in a basket is the best breakfast with eggs in it that i have ever eaten. Its lke bitting into heaven!!! It is just so much easier to eat, i use to dip my toast in the egg yolk, now i only have to cut into the egg and it covers my toast with yolk!! Freakin amazing!!! I Love it!!

  14. Ayla on

    Does anyone know the origin of the recipe???

  15. Carla on

    We call these “eggie nests”. My kids used to eat them daily! Eventually they stopped eating the bread so I just made eggs. Delicious though!

  16. Dave on

    We called this one-eyed egg when I was a kid. I guess I still do.

  17. Dan on

    I feel that cheese is needed when there’s eggs involved so I added to this. start normally but on top of the first egg put a slice of cheese over it. Then another slice of holed bread with another egg. flip to cook both sides. when cut open the cheesy yolk runs over the plate.

  18. Andrea on

    I think these have been around for a very long time. My grandfather; he would be 112 right now were he alive, taught my mom how to make these when she was a little girl. I now make them for my family. I do wonder where they originally began as well.

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