Onion Rings & Parrots

Deadspin loves the Pirates remake of the final scene in the Sopranos. And as far as remakes of this scene goes, this one is good!

Ever since that final episode, everyone’s been getting in on the diner/onion rings/Journey parody. Hillary and Bill tried it, and it’s just not as funny (although that one does hava a cameo by Johnny Sack…)

And in case you want to give Tony’s last dining spot a try…

…the final scene, which depicted Tony, A.J. and Carmela sitting in a New Jersey diner booth, was shot in Holsten’s in Bloomfield, NJ (1063 Broad St., 973-338-7091). As they’re waiting for Meadow to arrive, the Sopranos munch on a bowl of onion rings (co-owner Chris Carley says Holsten’s cooked the actual rings that were on TV) and talk about the importance of remembering the good times. (from Zagat)

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