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Banana Twinkies are back!

Twinkie 2

The original Twinkie flavor is back.

Twinkies originally had a banana-creme filling, but a wartime banana shortage in the 1940s led to the vanilla creme we all know today.

Hostess has reintroduced the flavor during limited-time promotions in the past, but always took the treat off the shelves when the promotion ended.

The company was finally persuaded to make the flavor part of its lineup for good after Hostess offered it for four weeks last year for the release of the movie “King Kong.” Total Twinkie sales jumped 20 percent during the promotion. (from CNN)

Photo from 2ZOD. Thanks for letting me know Carl. At the original time of posting, no credit could be found. All apologies. Hope you don’t mind the use of your photo. Please let me know if you do.