Dinner with Obama

Dinner with Obama

Whether you’re going to vote for him or not, you gotta admit this is a pretty genius idea out of the Obama camp.

The chance to eat dinner with a presidential nominee and ask anything your heart desires just seems like a great way to really show that you don’t mind talking (and eating) with common folk.

4 lucky supporters will be picked at random to have dinner with Obama somewhere along the campaign trail. Transportation will be provided.

You can donate anywhere between $10 – $4600 (or other) to be eligible.

Four supporters who make a donation between now and 11:59 pm EDT on Wednesday, June 13, will join Barack for an intimate dinner for five.

Get the kind of treatment other politicians reserve for special interests. Make a donation today and you could share your story and your ideas with Barack in person.

Head over to BarackObama.com for your chance to eat with the nominee.


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  1. Julie Edwards on

    I would love to sit down and have dinner with Obama along with a nice relaxed conversation. I will not go into too many political issues. I would just like to see Obama for who he is and to answer general questions that the average American person would like to ask.
    Thank you in advance.


    Julie Edwards

  2. cincodemayo1 on

    No, thank you.

  3. wayne on

    I would ejoy sitting down and having dinner with the most smartest man in the world

  4. Jayne on

    I had never heard of Barak Obama before the Democratic Convention in 2004. After his speech, I knew that he would someday run for President. I believe one man with his words can move people to action, and Barak is that man.

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