Beer for Bags

Beer for Bags

Got a lot of extra beer laying around? Are you in Manhattan and will you be there between June 9 and June 17?

If so, head over to the one of Crumpler’s two stores to barter your beer for a brand new bag. Seems like an awesome deal to me if you don’t mind parting with some hops & barley.

Wondering how much brew you need to get a bag? The company offers some guidance on its Web site. For example, two cases of Asahi and a packet of ramen noodles will get you a Moderate Embarrassment laptop bag that normally sells for $80. Similarly, two cases of Stella Artois earns you a Complete Seed messenger bag. As for me, I think I’ll just wander over with a case of Keegan Ales’ Mother’s Milk Stout and a six-pack of Saranac Black Forest and see how far that’ll get me. I guess, much like Billy Joel, I’m in a New York State of mind.

In case you’re wondering what will happen to all the beer from the sale, Crumpler will use some for a party after the sale, to which participants will be invited. The rest will be donated to art, charity, and sporting events. (from Crave)

Crumpler Bags
45 Spring Street & 49 Eighth Avenue
New York


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  1. Doug on

    this may be the best publicity stunt I’ve ever seen.

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