For The Love of Bacon


This site definitely is far from being kosher. But if pork is your thing this should be up your alley.

Head over to the Grateful Palate, a site dedicated to all that is bacon (and other things).

At the Grateful Palate, you can purchase bacon related products such as the BLT candle set ($33.95) as well as Bacon Soap ($24.95).

But if your a die hard swine fan, then you have to sign up for the Bacon of the Month club.

For about $140 a month you’ll receive all of the following:

  • A different artisan bacon delivered to your door each month for 12 months
  • Informative notes on all bacon selections
  • Discounts on The Grateful Palate bacon products and bacons
  • Bacon of the Month Club Membership Card
  • The bacon strip–Our members only monthly bacon comic strip
  • The Bacon of the Month Club Pig Ballpoint Pen
  • A little Rubber Toy Pig
  • One free Bacon Tee-Shirt
  • A recipe each month using the bacon selected
  • Discounts on suggested wines and products in recipes
  • And­–new for 2007–a pig nose!

But if you’re just looking for some damn good bacon, head to the Premium Bacon Collection and find the right swine for you.


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