Royale with Cheese?


That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Sure, you probably know in France that McDonald’s serves the Royale with cheese (thanks to the famous scene in Pulp Fiction) but did you know that McDonald’s all around the world offer a number of different items catering to their cultures?

Ok, you might’ve known. But you might not know exactly what they serve.

Here’s some of your McDonald’s options in countries all over the world.

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  • Pasta Zoo Happy Meal: Available in Australia and New Zealand, the meal includes 10 pasta pieces (filled with cheese and vegetables) with Zoo Goo (Italian pasta sauce), pair of small plastic tongs, a toy, and a milk drink with a ‘Sipaah’ flavored straw (chocolate or strawberry). It is aimed to be a healthier alternative to the current Cheeseburger or McNuggets Happy Meal. This was added to the menu on January 17, 2007.
  • Deli Choices’: Released in Australia in October 2004. Choices include
    • Breakfast’:Bacon and Egg, and for a limited time Deluxe Breaky Roll which includes bacon, sausage, egg and Swiss cheese with spicy tomato sauce
    • Lunch: Chicken Tandoori, barbeque Roast Beef, Turkey and Cranberry, Chicken Caesar and Thai Chicken.


  • “McCalabresa” sandwich has been recently launched. It is made up of a sausage patty and seasoned with vinaigrette sauce. Inspired in a popular street foodsanduíche de calabresa). The “Cheddar McMelt” (a version of the patty melt ( sandwich) is also available on the Brazilian McDonald’s menu. This popular item consists of a whole wheat bun, a hamburger patty, diced onions, and warm, melted cheddar cheese.


  • The McDonald’s menu at Canadian restaurants is similar to that of American restaurants. It contains the traditional food items, deli sandwiches, salads, breakfast items, desserts and a “Value Picks” menu.
  • McDonald’s restaurants across Canada have a “Value Picks” menu of sandwiches, desserts and more for $1.39 CAD each. Started in Mid 2006, the Value Picks menu has replaced the McDeal campaign, where a sandwich of the day was available for $1.79.
  • In some locations in the Maritime Provinces of Canada McDonald’s offers a lobster roll called a McLobster (McHomard in French). In the province Quebec, McDonald’s also offers poutine which is fries with gravy and cheese. In Toronto, McDonalds has sold pizza called the McPizza in the early 1990s.
  • Most Canadian locations also feature Toasted Deli Sandwiches: Sandwiches featuring deli meats and vegetables on french or whole wheat rolls.


  • In Chile, customers can add avocado paste to any sandwich, less the McPalta (Chilean Spanish for: McAvocado) whose basis is the avocado paste along with lomito or pork. Cheese empanadas are also sold at all McDonald’s locations in Chile under the same category as fries.


  • A favorite local sandwich in Greece is the Greek Mac, consisting of two burger patties wrapped in a pita with yogurt sauce, tomato slices, iceberg lettuce and onions. The sandwich is also offered in Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Spain, Cyprus, and Portugal.


  • McDonald’s sells chicken and pork burgers, fried chicken wings and nuggets. In some restaurants, a separate counter sells ice cream and desserts to pedestrians. Some restaurants have a section for the McCafé. Apart from the general menu, it also promotes some other foods seasonally or longer, like spicy french fries, the Shogun Burger (a pork bun served with Japanese Teriyaki sauce and cabbage), Grilled Chicken Burger, twisted macaroni breakfasts, salads, soups, pineapple or red bean sundae, pineapple pies, taco flatbreads with pork, beef or chicken, rice fan-tastic (a burger-like entree with rice patties in place of buns) and many others.


  • Beef and pork products are not served to cater to Indian religious sensitivities. Chicken (that too, only non-Halal) along with fish are the only meat products used.
  • The Big Mac is replaced by the Maharaja Mac, which was originally a mutton burger, but is now a chicken burger.
  • In India, vegetarian and meat dishes are prepared in separate areas of the restaurant in respect for vegetarians, and cooks preparing vegetarian dishes wear distinctive green aprons.


  • McShawarma (shawarma served in flatbread) and McKebab (kebab served on flatbread). This was made famous in an advertisement based on the McRoyale scene in Pulp Fiction.


  • Teriyaki McBurger: Ground pork sandwich with mayonnaise, lettuce, and teriyaki sauce.
  • Ebi-Chiki Set: 2 shrimp nuggets and 3 chicken nuggets.
  • Ebi Filet-O: Shrimp burger similar to a Filet-O-Fish.
  • French Fries can be purchased in barbecue, seaweed, and Italian basil flavors.
  • Ume Nuggets: Chicken McNuggets with sour ume sauce for dipping.
  • Chicken Katsu Burger: Breaded chicken sandwich flavored with soy sauce and ginger.
  • Salsa Burger: Breaded chicken sandwich with salsa,
  • Koroke Burger: Sandwich with breaded mashed potatoes, shredded cabbage, and katsu sauce. Served with or without cheese.
  • Tamago Double Mac: Hamburger with 2 beef patties, pepper sauce, bacon, and a poached egg. Served with or without cheese.
  • Green Tea-flavored milkshakes
  • Macaroni and Cheese Burger


  • Has the Bulgogi Burger (pork patty in bulgogi marinade, as of 5/07), McBingsoo(Korean Shaved Ice), as well as the Shrimp burger similar to Ebi-Filet-O in Japan. Also interesting is that there is a deposit levy charged on cups (100 Won) which is refunded on return of cup to any McDonald’s location for recycling or reuse.


  • The McArabia is sold in the Middle East. In 2005, the McSahara was briefly sold. Moroccan McDonald’s also sell “deluxe potatoes” which can be substituted for French fries and are thick-cut spicy potatoes. In late 2006, the Chicken Mystic, L’Ptit plaisirs (small pleasures), and 280 gram Recette Moutarde (Mustard burger) were all released.


  • New Zealand’s Kiwiburger was a local burger based on what are commonly called ‘Jumbo burgers’ from local fish and chip outlets. It featured a beef patty, tomato, beetroot and a fried egg. The Kiwiburger remained on the menu until 2004 when it was replaced with “The Boss’ – which features 2 quarter pounder beef patties, but is without beetroot and egg. Due to popular demand, the Kiwiburger was returned to the McDonalds menu in May, 2007.


  • There is a Spicy McChicken burger that has chutney in it. There is also a McChutney Burger, a meatball sandwich called the McKofta, and strawberry custard pie. A pineapple-flavored sundae, pineapple pie, and a mango-flavored milkshake are seasonal menu items. Also, McArabia was recently introduced, with a chicken patty rolled up in Pita bread.


  • McDonald’s serves mini calzone, a kind of stuffed pizza.


  • McDonald’s sells spaghetti (to compete with local fast food franchise Jollibee), which is called, unsurprisingly, McSpaghetti. In 1993, a popular combo featured spaghetti with fried chicken wings. Also unique to the Filipino menu is the Burger McDo, a ground pork burger served with a Thousand Island dressing like sauce to cater to local tastes. Also sells “Rice burgers” chicken fillet or beef burger served in rice toasted to shaped like buns.


  • In Poland, there was a sandwich offered for a brief while called the “McKielbasa.” It was not very popular and soon withdrawn from the menu.


  • Chilled gazpacho is served in sealed plastic cups.

After viewing a lot of the international sites, I’ve come to the conclusion that Poland has the coolest site and the Volcán de Chocolate from the Argentina menu is the dish I want to try the most. Although the Tamago Burger does look tempting.

Info collected from, this article, and the McDonald’s Wikipedia entry. The photo I found is from the McDonald’s Japan website, but this site had a few other McMenu items.

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  1. toasted on

    just to add 😀 here in the philippines they serve fried chicken and a spicy version of the fried chicken as well .. i think they’re competing with kfc for that lol im not sure. and they also serve taro pie along with the usual apple pie. there’s also halo halo and mais con hielo (corn) ice coolers.

  2. Michel on

    I’ve always loved seeing the differences in menus when I travel – although I never actually eat there…

    In Canada, the McPizza was in Quebec too – it was available in small (or was individual?) and family size. They were actually quite good in a dominos kind of way.

    Also, in Japan they had hot dogs when I went in 2002.

    China had, if memory serves, a delicious spicy breaded chicken sandwich. Locals (in Beijing at least) call McDonalds Mae Dang Lao according to my guidebook, although I had limited success finding it using that name if I wasn’t drawing the Golden Arches with my fingers at the same time 🙂 Although I’m ashamed to admit it, we went to McDonald’s a couple of times in the month I spent in Beijing – it was nice to sometimes get a familiar meal, even though the food was always delicious wherever we went.

  3. Mo on

    I’ve seen the burger with egg in Japan, and while it sounds cool.. actually looking at it made my heart hurt. The only other thing I recall different then (about ten years ago, maybe a little less) was a chicken-teriyaki sandwhich. But then for me, language barriers were the limiting factor to my ordering capabilities in that country.. I agree with you, Michel, as fun as it is to try all the unusual things in a different country.. the familiarity was nice after a while in a place so different from home.

    It’d be nice if some of that variety would cross into the US, but I suppose that would defeat the purpose of regional marketing..

  4. Sioned on

    They also sold the McPizza in British Columbia as well. I used to quite like the pizzas, sort of sad they stop selling them.

  5. Nic on

    The Hong Kong Shogun burger is awesome! Also in Hong Kong, they serve the breakfast stuff ALL DAY!

  6. cincodemayo1 on

    Thanks for all the comments! Keep them coming…if you’ve been to a McDonald’s around the world tell everyone how it was, what was good, what sucked, etc. And check out the different countries’ websites…they’re all very different.

  7. dancingladybug on

    in portugal they have a menu with soup. I don´t know if that exists in other countries though.

  8. The Gluttonist on

    When I was in Rome, I had the prosciutto cotto sandwich, a very thick round slice of cooked ham with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. It was like a rubbery version of our deli Virginia ham. I do not recommend it.

  9. cincodemayo1 on

    As much as I like prosciutto, I don’t think I’d like it thick. Doesn’t sound tasty at all. Thanks for the tip.

  10. squee on

    When I was in France you could get a chocolate donut, and a Heineken.
    They tried the poutine thing throughout eastern Canada, but it didn’t stick. (The gravy was horribly watery)
    And, in some parts of Ontario Canada, they have seasonal Orange milkshakes.
    As for the McPizza thing, they served that all over Canada, and the border states in the U.S.
    They stopped about 12 to 13 years ago after the rise of pizza franchises.

  11. kaylynn on

    In Costa Rica, they serve Gallo Pinto, a mix of rice and beans and a salsa called Salsa Lizano. I don’t remember what else they serve because I won’t eat there. I do know, however, that happy meals are called “cajas felices” – “happy boxes.”

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  13. raincoaster on

    I’ll second that other BCer on the McDonald’s pizzas. They were awesome and a great deal, as one really was enough for a meal and cheap, too. Now I see we have McFajitas, which are okay I guess but nothing fab; dunno if they’ve got them in the States though.

  14. plubius on

    Awesome compilation.

    Hong Kong pride =D

  15. Disposable Interloper on

    There’s a funny little special at McDonalds in Poland right now, called Gwiazdy McDonald’s (McDonald’s Stars).

    They basically took recent unpopular sandwiches, and for each day of the week, they serve a different one. McKielbasa happens to be one of them. (It’s the Monday sandwich, if I recall.)

    The new food isn’t really tasty, save for their Double McRoyal (basically their basic cheeseburger with two patties of meat that are uncharacteristically juicy for McDonald’s patties). I wish they kept their McChicken Bekon Deluxe and Chicken Mythic around instead of having it replaced by this latest lineup.

    On a side note, in response to the comment by cincodemayo1 in response to The Gluttonist, I’m assuming you’re from North America. Prosciutto cotto is not the same thing as prosciutto crudo, the latter of which is what most Americans think of when they think of prosciutto. I personally like thicker slices of prosciutto cotto, though I don’t know how McDonald’s serves it.

  16. debsgr8r on

    We’re big on white rice here on Guam (U.S. Territory, Pacific). McDonald’s used to serve rice with chicken wings. Our breakfast menu includes a local favorite consisting of steamed white rice, fried spam, portugese sausage and scrambled eggs.

  17. nuni on

    Just pointing out that the “dressing” in the Philippine Burger McDo isn’t Thousand Island. It’s mayonnaise and ketchup.

  18. cincodemayo1 on

    “Prosciutto cotto is not the same thing as prosciutto crudo, the latter of which is what most Americans think of when they think of prosciutto.”

    You’re absolutely right Disposable Interloper. I just meant that when you have a thin slice you might be able to get away with the quality being less noticeable than if you serve a thicker slice. And I can’t imagine the McDonald’s thicker slice being anywhere close to the high standards of real prosciutto.

  19. lamasoft on

    What do you mean by ‘(that too, only non-Halal)’ — one would think that it would be halal, no?

  20. cincodemayo1 on

    Hmmmm…that was pulled from another source. I guess they’re trying to say it is Halal?

  21. Disgusting McDonald's-Eating Fascist Pig on

    When I was in Rome in 2002, they had a sandwich in the train station called the “McPink” which was just a plain pork sandwich on a white roll. I didn’t eat it though, because McDonald’s is for disgusting fascist pig westerners.

  22. James on

    In South Africa, the breakfast menu is the same as in the US, except that the sausage is beef, not pork.

  23. Jac on

    Hindus will not eat halal (or kosher) food, as it is against their religion to eat meat that has been ritually sacrificed – therefore, McDonalds in India serves non-halal food.

    In Malaysia they served Milo, and some kind of rice soup, which was ok. In Japan last year I had a fantastic sweet chilli shrimp burger. I still miss it.

  24. Jason Sares on

    In Serbia they have Dream Pies, which are the regular fruit pies topped with ice cream, whipped cream, and nuts.

  25. raincoaster on

    Actually, those sound pretty good.

  26. cincodemayo1 on

    I second that…the dream pies sound awesome. The McPink, not so much.

  27. tetsuo on

    Here in Hawaii they serve a Haupia Pie every so often as well as the same menu items as Debsgr8r from Guam mentioned.

  28. Ash on

    Here in Holland they have a McKroket which is a kroket (croquette) served in a bun. They also showcase the other countries menus from time to time – like the greek ones, japanese ones etc.

    The salads are big here and we get yoghurt packs for the kids with the Happy Meal.

    In England Innocent Smoothies are being trialled in the Happy Meal. You might find this discussion interesting:

  29. Datrio on

    In Poland, there is also WieśMac (CountryMac). It’s kind of like BigMac, but with more vegetables, from the Polish country. From,21,wiesmac-.html :

    Whole wheat bun with sesame, two burger patties, cheese, fresh onion, tomatoes, lettuce, horse-radish-mustard sauce.

  30. indi on

    In Sri Lanka we have the McRice and McFill. The former is rice, salad, chicken and a spicy curry sauce. The former is like a pita, and very good.

  31. onur on

    in turkey, A new kind of square hamburger that fits to Turkish taste is MaxBurger. Its fabulous ad can be seen here in English.

  32. nina on

    its philippines.. 😀 they also offer bubblegum-flavored sprite McFloat.. 😀

  33. Obbop on


    Kinda’ cute when the tail hangs outside the bun.

  34. Walter Plinge on

    In Holland years ago I had a McBacon Sauerkraut.

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  36. […] it’s a McChutney Burger. Or a McLobster, or a Kiwiburger. Or a McCalabresa or a Maharaja […]

  37. awkm on

    sigh… i miss hong kong mcd’s. they serve you in less a minute or close to (seriously they had timers at one point). it’s cheap and larger locations have a cafe for espresso drink lovers… AND the fries are the best!

    sure everything including the fries are shipped from the USA but there’s something different about the fries. they’re crispier and always fried for the right amount of time. how many times have you had fries that were undercooked or just too damn brittle? never in hk.


  38. Razib on

    While people of rich countries can choose what will they have from the list of their delicious food, millions of people from all over the world have to think everyday..if they will be able to get their least bread to earn survival..

    Canvas of life – The lives of real people from Bangladesh

  39. cerberus511 on

    I can add another report from the Middle East since I am here in Bahrain. The McDonald’s here offers a menu similar to the one in the States. Fans of the Spicy McChicken will be pleased to know that cheese comes standard! The best part is that they deliver…even the McFlurry. Quality is on par with what you find in the States however the store design…especially the one in Juffair is incredible! It has an ultra-modern look…lots of chrome, polished wood, and comfortable seating. It looks more like a chic coffee house rather than a McD’s.

  40. dave on

    McPizzas I remember from the early 90s in London, UK.

    McMinis were a fad in the UK a few years back, 99p getting a small box with a chocolate donut, cornflake crispy cake, and a brownie (all made by Cadburys). The deluxe model featured bluetooth and an actual VGA cable.

    There was a brief phase of ‘vegetarian friendly’ food, as the UK has a high number of vegetarians; these featured ‘Quorn’ brand meat substitute, and were pretty foul – ‘microwave moist’ is the best way to describe them. I believe it’s still there for those vegetarians foolish enough to venture in, as part of the ‘healthy’ menu. Hell, as long as you have a coke, you’re having a healthy diet! [ ]

  41. george on

    I remember when they had the “Cheddar McMelt” here in the states. I worked at McDonald’s at the time and remember it well. I think it was just called the “Cheddar Melt”, though. It was pretty much how you described it, but the onions were grilled in a teryaki sauce.

    It was a test market product at the time, so I’m sure it wasn’t available across the country.

    It was a pretty good sandwich. It was my favorite menu item McDonald’s ever had, and I always hoped they would bring it back. I guess I’ll just have to go to Brazil to get one! (I did always want to go to travel there.)

  42. Extra P. on

    What a fantastic subject for a blog! I love it. Nice research.

  43. Extra P. on

    Question – why has McDonald’s never added the McRib as a standard item? They tease us with it every few years and then get rid of it again.

  44. cincodemayo1 on

    That is a good question Extra P. It comes back every year for a few weeks and then goes into hibernation. There’s no exact reason why, but here’s what I found.
    Save the McRib ( was launched last year (more details on this below).
    And according to Wikipedia:
    The McRib is a sandwich from McDonald’s made from boneless pork and barbecue sauce on a bun, with onions and pickles added. It was developed at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. The sandwich test-marketed very well in Nebraska and other Midwestern markets and was added to the restaurant’s permanent menu throughout the United States in 1981. Sales were mediocre, and it was removed after several years, only to be brought back on a temporary basis every year since. Numerous inconclusive explanations based on pork prices and even conspiracy theories have been suggested to explain the McRib’s periodic reappearances.
    Officials at McDonald’s, in a 1985 stockholder meeting, mentioned that the reason the McRib was pulled was because the McRib couldn’t sustain international sales because many countries don’t eat pork on a regular basis. Germany was mentioned as an example which could sustain sales, but not the U.S. or certain Asia Pacific countries. The strategy announced at that time would be that the McRib would be brought back periodically as a “specialty” sandwich since it definitely increased sales during a promotional period and then drops off. Also, the McRib didn’t stay in the warming bin long enough so food cost would be higher. The McRib was permanently removed from the menu following a “McRib Farewell Tour.” This appears to have been a deceptive kickoff to a viral marketing campaign;, a site registered to McDonald’s, features a petition to “Save the McRib,” which is facetiously sponsored by the “Boneless Pig Farmers Association of America.” So in a two-angled campaign, McDonald’s is simultaneously conducting a McRib farewell tour and sponsoring a petition to “Save the McRib” to create buzz. The idea for the tour seemed to have come from The Simpsons episode “I’m Spelling as Fast as I Can” which featured a farewell tour for its parody food item. On October 16, 2006, the “McRib Farewell Tour II” site appeared, confirming the campaign was a marketing ploy. The petition to “Save the McRib” still exists as well as the “BPFAA”

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  46. Jules on

    @ the McD’s in Passau, Bavaria, Germany: Camembert Nuggets with Currant Sauce.

    Although not an experience I’d desire to repeat, they still beat the hell out of the usual ‘TJ McPooterToots’ style “mozzarella sticks”.

  47. Extra P. on

    Oh, man “McRib Conspiracy Theories” sounds like an excellent name for a website. I’m going to look and see what some of the theories are.

    Thanks for answering my question.

  48. ryan nelson on

    There’s a whole extra universe of McDonald’s pies to be examined, too…

    In Poland, I’ve had the Raspberry Pie… in Brazil, the Banana Pie.

    In Aruba (and probably other places too), the apple pie is still deep-fried in beef lard, rather than “baked”…
    French fries are lard-fried as well, instead of the current American vegetable oil. friggin’ delicious. (and deadly, if you eat ’em like i do. Good thing they’re offshore and out of reach.)

  49. cincodemayo1 on

    Feel free to mail me samples of McDonald’s products from around the world. Especially any items with the word “pie” in it.

  50. ryan nelson on

    Oh! one other weird-mcdonalds note: I recall that the “Dekalb oasis” on route 88 across Illinois routinely beta-tested McDelicacies … the only place I ever saw the McPizza was there, and I recall the McJordan Special was tried out there pretty early.

  51. cincodemayo1 on

    I really want to try this McPizza. Guess I’ll have to head over to Canada for that. But what’s the McJordan Special?

  52. Andrew on

    This is my favorite topic. I love it.

    Things I have seen:

    Canada: Double Big mac (four patties!)
    Spain: Pork sandwich called, if I recall correctly the McPork. They also had fish sticks called McMarins.

    Other things to note are that not all McDonalds’ in America are equal. East coast will get McLobster and breakfast bagels. I saw a version of the Arch Deluxe called the Arch Deluxe II on the west coast which featured smaller double patties instead of the traditional large one.

    My dream is to visit a McDonalds that servers all its products from all over the world.

  53. mkushnir on

    not to forget that you can get beer at mcdick’s in france…

  54. cincodemayo1 on

    Of course not! Who could forget the McDonald’s with beer? Any other countries or just France? England maybe?

  55. on

    Italy has beer with their food.

    Who-da thunk?

  56. suddengenius on

    i’m going to japan. macaroni and cheese burgers? the hell? i think i’ll pass……

  57. Kaida Rose on

    I hate eating beaf… I like cows.

  58. GTE on

    In Panama, the milkshakes come in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Gaunabana.

  59. Geoff on

    Australia have also got a “McOz” burger with beetroot in it – because a burger without beetroot is always a little disappointing

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  62. debsgr8r on

    I would have thought that Hawaii would have a vienna sausage with rice since I hear it’s as popular as our spam and rice here on Guam. We also have the double quarter pounder (1/2 lb-er?) but I always thought that was a regular menu item. Our apple pies also come in coconut cream pies…yummm-o!

  63. southofreality on

    I’ve been seeing the tamago mac ads all over TV here in Japan lately, but I haven’t tried one yet. Think I’ll try one tomorrow.

  64. cincodemayo1 on

    Hey, southofreality…report back and let us know how it is!

  65. Sharronna on

    You don’t have to go to Canada to get a McLobster. We’ve had them in Maine, at least in the southern coastal area, for years.

  66. panamanian on

    The only difference between US and Panama’s menu is fried chicken. In Panama, there are also McInternet cafes and kick ass pinnapple pies.

  67. Jeffrey Friedl on

    All the Mc Donald’s I’ve seen outside America also have one menu item that’s always free: a smile.

  68. cincodemayo1 on

    Yeah, smiles are few and far between in the states. Plus half the time they screw up the order.

    I actually heard about some test restaurants (and if memory serves right McDonald’s was one of them) that are starting to have computer ordering so you can pick and choose what you want on your burgers. I’ll have to look into this further…

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  70. mellonmarshall on

    I got to mention after reading all this the sunglasses that McDonald’s were selling here in England back in the summers of the early 90s. They were like the ones on say Risky Business only with neon arms, as kid, many people my age wore them.
    We also had the vegable deluxe for a while, it as a vegable burger for veggie and was nice, you can according to the site still it but I never seen it since they released the Qourn burger. It like tough chicken thing (veggie for 18 years here) with sweet chilli sauce and mayo, (this was nice if not too much of the chilli sance was put on it otherwise it was just too damm hot.
    Now we have deli sandwitches including a veggie one, warning it only nice when it hot, cold it is foul.

    We also had the pizzias for one summer very nice.
    We also have wierd things done with chicken

  71. southofreality on

    Had the Double Tamago Mac today. It’s the best burger I’ve ever had at Mickey D’s. In Japan? Take a break from MosBurger and try this one.

  72. me on

    where I live we can get two apple pies and three chocolate cookies – boring – I’m going travelling. I want to eat at at least one McDs in every country/province that has a mcd

  73. cincodemayo1 on

    Take me with you…

  74. test on

    In Thailand, you can get pork or chicken burgers, corn pies (filled with sweet corn), & Pineapple pies. The pies are still deep fried!

    In several SE assian countries, you can get Taro pies (a purple sweet potato paste), and at one time you could get sweet red bean pies in Hong Kong.

  75. LoudMatt on

    Last time I was in Japan they had deep fried apple pies… and a strange beverage called Qoo, a vaguely fruit juicey flavored drink.

  76. Brisance on

    In Singapore there is a burger with spicy black pepper paste on beef patty. It has been given various names, the most memorable being “Samurai burger”.

  77. Alan on

    In the UAE (and all over the Gulf) they have various “McArabia” meals which are essentially Arabian spiced burgers in Arabic style bread. I have tried them and I can confirm that they are as horrible as other McProducts.

  78. david on

    great stuff there, but dont forget the McTurko here in Istanbul, Turkey, consisting of a crepe-like roll-up filled with chicken or beef, very tasty indeed.


  79. Singen Starfahrer on

    Here in Finland you can order several hamburgers on a rye bun. (McFeast, QuarterPounder, Chicken El Maco and McChicken)

    Since may 2007 they have a a world menu with three burgers. Big Sierra and Big Sierra Chicken, both of which include tortilla chips, salsa, sour-cream and jalapeno-cheese. Also offered is Mount Emmental which is a beef burger with Emmentaler cheese.

    El Maco, a campaign product started back in the end of the nineties returned in 2006 for a permanent place in the Finnish McDonalds menu. There are both chicken and beef versions of the burger which features salsa and sour-cream-chive sauce.

  80. martianunlimited on

    the Malaysian rice soup mentioned by Jac, is called Mc Bubur; (Bubur is the malay word for Congee or Porridge)

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  82. nm on

    Brazil has also that Mc picanha, picanha is a delicious beef part. Mc donalds tried to compete with it, not sure they succeeded.

    Also, french fries are terribly salted, to cope with local taste.
    I always ask mine without salt and it then taste a bit salty thant I’m used to.
    Another thing I like in those Brazillian Mc donalds:
    home Delivery, I always do that, even it mine is just 2 minutes away.
    In my own country, I’ld like to have it, but, not chance this would happen

  83. nm on

    In France you have regurlarly new sandwishes, like n winter mc raclette, with raclette cheese… Theses days you have mc Feta, and Mc Kebab

  84. Tony on

    In China, A Small plastic cup of Corn was an option with your combo, in place of French Fries.

    My son was happiest because the Happy Meal Toys were different…

    Also, there were some standalone McD Ice cream places. No burgers/fries, just Ice Cream. Only saw that in Chongqing though.

  85. […] Y así la lista sigue sucesivamente, pueden ver la lista completa aquí. […]

  86. Arcan3 on

    You forgot Venezuela… 😐 …

    Oh well…

    Same menu as USA but you can order double meat( or chickin. in example: double bigmac or double quarter pounder )

    Theres also the Big Tasty (huge burger with a great tasting kinda brownish sauce)

    theres the Mc Specialties (long bread grilled or fried chiken)

    the Mcnifica (a quarter pounder with letuce and tomato and all the sauces)

    theres also breakfast croasants (cream cheese filling plus some others)

    we have some McCafe’s too… also the el-cheapo food like the McQueso (not sure of the name) (McCheese cheeseburger sans burger)

    We had once the thick spiced fries with (i think) the sauce of the McTasty. Also McYukitas (breaded fried Cassava root sticks with a sauce thats a crossbreed between “pico de gallo” and guacamole sans the spicy factor)

    Thats all i can think of but i feel im forgeting sum…

  87. jemix on

    nyam…nyam…nyam…, great taste !

  88. Mike on

    In Germany they serve beer in Mcdonalds, which reminds me of a joke. A German was in line in a US McDonalds. Reaching the counter he orders a beer. The clerk says we don’t serve beer. The guy behind him laughs and says how stupid can you be. The German starts laughing and says you mean these people are all in line for the food.

  89. reog on

    In Indonesia, cooked rice is served. Rice is main food for Indonesian, so having meal only bread and meat are still hungry.

    greetings from : inspireculinary

  90. Rafa on

    I Mexico’s Burger King sells jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheese.

  91. Simon on

    Some news from Brazil!

    We no longer have the McCalabresa. We had that for a while, along with McRib, but that’s just for a season.

    We have the Big’n’Tasty here, as well as the McNifico. But the Big’n’Tasty here is with mayonaise, rather than BBQ sauce.

    There are plenty of McD’s kisoks that sells only ice cream and sundaes, and some McD’s places also feature “windows” to the streets from where people can buy ice creams and sundaes.

    There are plenty of varieties of McSalads, with tons of types of seasonings and sauces.

    Also there is a great variety of juices, all with tropical fruits. There is even “coconut water”.

    I don’t eat at McD’s very often (specially after watching Super Size Me!!!), but there are some seasonal types of burgers, like the McAmerica, made with pork rib, McGerman, made with sausage, etc, etc.

  92. Richard on

    Just to let you know McPizza was served all around Canada… not just in Toronto. And the McLobster is offered all over Canada during the lobster season

  93. hello3k on

    There’s something called the “Mega Mac” in Japan — a Big Mac with 4 paddies instead of 2

  94. Cashew on

    Here in brazil we have:

    Sunday with passion fruit(its great).
    We also had the Mc Pão de Queijo(its a Brazilian Bread – so grat with coffe)and we have Beak pineapple pie(so much better than backed apple pie).

    and by the way The “Cheddar McMelt” its PPERFECT!!!

  95. Ange on

    When i was in Egypt last September they had a McArabia – which was basically a falafel and salad in pocket bread. I didn’t try it because i was so paranoid about fresh veges washed in unsafe water, but i would thoroughly recommend Egyptian Maccas to anyone!
    Especially the one in Alexandria in King Farouks gardens and the one in Giza in the Metro shopping complex!
    The Nuggets were awesome, and a total life saver when you start to feel a bit homesick. The service was 5 star (althought 3 young western women do tend to get special treatment in a place like that!)

  96. wurmsrus on

    I remember one time I was in a McDonald’s in Alabama and grits were on the breakfast menu

  97. Extra P. on

    Our Dairy Queen (I live in Virginia) had a side item called “cup of gravy” on the menu. I always wanted to walk up and order just the cup of gravy and nothing else.

  98. cincodemayo1 on

    You should order the cup of gravy AND ask for a straw.

  99. Extra P. on

    You… are a genius!

  100. Disposable Interloper on

    Seems nobody mentioned Chicken Selects, which pop up and go quickly, seemingly at random across the US in various locales. Like a chicken nugget, except it’s whole meat and the breadding is crunchy and peppered.

    I remember having those in Maine with a McLobster and a vanilla ice cream with wild blueberry syrup. McDonald’s in Maine is the only place in the world that I can think of that has wild blueberry syrup available for their ice cream.

  101. jackiechan on

    in Vancouver Bc Canada they are test marketing McCafe think starbucks NO burgers or McD food at all
    only coffee and baked goods
    summer 06 Detroit had smokie hotdogs with onions and
    BBq sauce
    I have never seen a McLobster on the west coast
    (lobster is Very east coast in Canada
    P.S. the pies in vancouver are in apple + blueberry + fieldberry
    the McPizza was good and cheep at first when cooked in house then they changed the process (frozen preemade) and the quality went WAY down

  102. jackiechan on

    chicken selects are standard in bc Canada

  103. patty on

    here in brasil we don’t have “mc calabresa” anymore… there was only a special offer during some time… it didn’t make a lot of success so they stopped with this…

  104. alpha.koshka on

    they serve beer in spain as well (everywhere in spain serves beer…)

    also, they had cadbury creme egg mcflurries in the UK – best thing I’ve ever had in my life. Don’t know if they’re seasonal or all the time, but they definitely need to bring that stateside.

    also, there are separate mcdonald’s in israel for kosher and non-kosher. the non-kosher have the regular red roofs, and the kosher ones have blue roofs. I thought that was kind of cool.

  105. Jean-Luc Picard on

    In Brazil there´s the Banana Hot Pie, and Guaraná pop-soda.

  106. […] forward 10 years and the knowledge from Will Work For Food’s post about special McDonald’s foods from around the world. Here’s a sampling: HONG KONG * McDonald’s sells chicken and pork burgers, fried chicken […]

  107. […] forward 10 years and the knowledge from Will Work For Food’s post about special McDonald’s foods from around the world. Here’s a sampling: HONG KONG * McDonald’s sells chicken and pork burgers, fried chicken […]

  108. Simon on

    In France, they also have a Croque McDo, which is two of the centre buns from a Big Mac toasted with ham and cheese – think a Croque Monsieur, only one that tastes bad…

  109. India on

    Thank you.. I was in Rome in spring 2003 and I have been wondering what a McPink was ever since. It has not resurfaced in all my travels.

  110. Vlad on

    In Transylvania we have the McBlood and of course it’s garlic free.

  111. passerby on

    In Singapore they used to serve chicken porridge and a coconut rice and chicken dish to compete with similar local dishes. The chicken porridge was actually pretty tasty but the rice dish was nasty. McDonald’s revamped the menu a short while later and we have seen those two items since.

    Oh and right now there is a rice burger on the menu, choice of chicken or beef

  112. red lobster menu on

    red lobster menu

    red lobster menu

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    Cool Site…pics are great. I put one of them on my desktop. 55271277

  114. Edison Maxwell on

    Hawaii did have a Spam breakfast item:

    Also, check out pizza in Japan:

    Squid, octopus, and egg pizza. Yum!

  115. cincodemayo1 on

    Good find Edison! Thanks for posting!

  116. kymelee on

    McCafe was started in Melbourne, Australia, in 1993. a huge amount of Mcdonald’s have McCafes now!! And they are spreading all over the world. The McCafes have different products according to location aswell.

  117. reboot on

    Three years ago I’ve tried in Czech Republic McCheese (locally nicknamed to McSmazhak) burger based on traditional food in Czech or Slovak Republic – fried cheese. Cheese (I think it was some kind of Eidam cheese)is panned in breadcrumbs (like Vienna schnitzel) and served always with tartare sauce (in fact it is mayonnaise with very small pieces of pickled cucumbers, onion and seasoning). The cheese with sauce tartare was used in burger instead of meat.

    Advice – try the regular version of fried cheese served with potatoes, the burger version is not that much good….

  118. Sumit on

    McDonald’s in India does home delivery too.

  119. dia on

    Great Job. Very useful information.

    Someone told me that McD had the extra fat burger version in Prague, Czech Republic.

  120. […] wanted something quick. Much to my amazement I saw the Mega Tamago and Mega Tomato. These sort of one up the Will Work for Food blog, where they mentioned the Tamago Double […]

  121. びっくり on

    Time to update your blog. December 12th, the Mega Macs (Mega Tamago and Mega Tomato) went on sale. Triple patties with bacon! They loaded it up with the Mega Smile Set including: nuggets, fries, and a drink.

    I had one today and am sure I will need a bypass by tomorrow. 😉

  122. tricia on

    I remember the spaghetti when I went to the Philippines.

    I actually liked it >.<

    Japan has green tea milkshakes? O.O

  123. Nick on

    I have to say I did like the pomme frittes (essentially a creamy tartare sauce) when I was in France.

    Also in Australia at the moment they are really pushing the Bacon angle (as are hungry jack’s – that’s Burger King for you americans) there is a whole new bacon menu, you can also add bacon to any meal for an extra 60 cents. The jingle is annoyingly catchy as well…
    “Bacon. Bacon. Bacon.
    Everybody loves bacon.

  124. Kidnkorner on

    While visiting in Kuwait, as the article mentions is the McArabia. Also the chicken Big Mac which is basically double value meal McChicken patties on a big mac bun.

  125. Julie on

    damn I wish we had the Tamago mac here!

  126. hijabee30 on

    in egypt they have the mcarabia and then they have a falafel burger. also when the christians fast in egypt they have a veggie burger on special. the burgers there are so delicious. they use a white cheese and sauce that is out of this world. eating at the mcd’s in america is not as tasty. maybe next mcfoul and mckosharee.

  127. SK on

    @Jac: Correction: As a Hindu, I know that Hindus are not to eat ANY meat, ritually sacrificed or not (although many break the rule and simply abstain from meat on certain days or avoid certain kinds of meats such as meat) ON THE OTHER HAND, a sizeable portion of Muslims demand halal meat, which IS served at Indian McDonald’s. Veggie burgers, however, are also served.

  128. SK on

    @hijabee30: Agreed – McD in the USA isn’t great, but speaking as a student, they are very convenient!! (As are BK, Wendy’s, Sonic…)

  129. SK on

    You may have misquoted Wikipedia:


    Beef and pork products are not served to cater to Indian religious sensitivities. Chicken (only HALAL) along with fish are the only meat products used.

    In India, meat and vegetarian meals are prepared in separate areas of the restaurant in respect for vegetarians. Cooks preparing vegetarian dishes wear distinctive green aprons.

    The Big Mac is replaced by the Maharaja Mac, which was originally lamb but is now made with chicken.

    Mexican-style wraps (for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians vis-à-vis the Paneer-Salsa wrap and the Chicken-Mexican wrap), and Curry pans (in the Shahi-Paneer and Chicken-Tikka offerings) are also offered.

    Other items on the Indian Menu include chicken products such as the McChicken Burger and Chicken McGrill (a burger with a thin chicken patty, thin slices of both onions and tomatoes, filled with green chutney replacing the usual layer of mayonnaise) which also is a favorite among the local crowd.

    The vegetarian burger menu consists of the McAloo Tikki Burger, again a favorite, not just because of its taste, but also because of it being the cheapest vegetarian burger on the menu. It contains a vegetable patty (made of potato, peas, and spices), tomato, onion, and a vegetable tomato mayonnaise.[3]

    Mc Veggie is another Vegetarian burger on the menu list. It contains a vegetable patty (made of mixed vegetables, peas, and spices), lettuce and veg mayonnaise (they call it the Veg Sauce).

    Another new Menu Item added is the McSurprise burger. It contains a patty, onion, Italian mayonnaise.

    There is also a Pizza McPuff, consisting of a puff pastry stuffed with peas, sliced cheese etc.

  130. Paul on

    Tried a McAfrica today, MDs Australia has special burgers on for the olympics.

  131. liliana on

    New Zealand has Kiwi Burger with Beetroot, and egg, McAussie has bloody pineapple, Mc Asia is a wrap with Chicken Strips, highly recommended, only while Olympics is on.

  132. bob on

    has anyone tryed the McDukey in iran? i herd that it tasts like crap

  133. alonsoalfaro on

    Costa Rica: They sell McPinto. The “Gallo Pinto” is the traditional breakfast, consisting of beans and rice mixed with spices. Sounds weird? Well, that’s the only way to go over here.

  134. […] it is simply not as memorable or refreshingly bold. For all its flaws, the 1994 film did have the Royale with Cheese, the Wolf and, of course, Honey Bunny and Pumpkin. For Tarantino, there is an apparent tradeoff […]

  135. Joe on

    McDonald’s is smart for adapting high-end coffee to a slow economy, but still, their McCafe coffees aren’t a whole lot less than Starbucks

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