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Oysters with Matsuhisa salsas

Great post by a10 over at Good For Party. If you’ve never been to Good For Party, check it out. Really cool site. I’ve even decided to start sharing some of my blog posts with them.

But GFP has a great blog (and site!) going on over there, and a10’s recent post on the Single Guy Chef is a great one! Why haven’t I known about this site?!

According to the Single Guy Chef…

So…it comes down to this. I am a guy that loves, as I like to say, “throw down” in the kitchen. Preparing and sharing great food and wine with my friends and loved ones. Hopefully, you will find some recipes, menus and other things to try.

Now, I will acknowledge and give credit to the recipe’s creator. I don’t pretend that they’re mine but throughout my years of cooking and entertaining, I’ve learned some tricks that will hopefully work for you too!

The site has some great recipes on it, and the Single Guy Chef really takes the time to break down the cooking process, and posts step by step photos along with his posts.

And according to a10…

With a nouveau Asian flair, posts his masterpieces as well as favorite recipes from around the web with his own embellishments added to the mix.

Asparagus with salmon roe and grilled oysters with pico de gallo are dishes easy to make and excel in presentation and taste. Folks will be talking about the party’s food for years and a dinner date where you serve up oysters and mussels has serious big pimpin connotations.

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