According to Reveries, hot dog consumption is down, but there are a number of gutsy people trying to make their mark by opening hot dog stands with a twist.

Take for example Franktitude, a Miami-based semi-fast food restaurant. What is Franktitude you ask?

Franktitude has put together the words frank and attitude to demonstrate our clients that we reflect a different attitude towards the traditional “hot dog”. It is a new concept of “cool” food that offers freshness, innovation, design and nicer places to go and enjoy good food.

Studies show today that people of all ages are getting away from traditional fried food. Our obligation is to give a great variety of hot dogs, with fresh, healthy and tasty products. With an assortment of breads (poppy seed and whole wheat), 100% beef, chicken, tofu and salmon sausages, and fresh vegetables served in front of your eyes.

Franktitude has been created for all those who demand fast food customed to their busy life style. Demanding healthy menu choices with more and different options.

So how different are these hot dogs? Well here are a few of the hot dog selections you can make.

Completo Frank – avocado, fresh tomato, sauer kraut and cheese

Salmon Frank – whole grain bun, salmon frank, tartar sauce, fresh tomato, diced onions and sesame seeds

Fresh Frank – whole grain bun, tofu frank, artichoke hearts, cucumber, fresh tomato and fresh carrots

Unique Frank – avocado, fresh tomato, wasabi mayo and banana chips

The menu offers 13 pre-chosen combinations of frank, bun, and toppings – three of which are healthy options, two being less than two grams of fat! Guests can also opt for the do-it-yourself dog by choosing from the frank and bun options and nearly 30 gourmet toppings to create any combination they like. Some examples of the gourmet toppings include wasabi mayo, potato strings, avocado, hummus, chili, banana chips and the usual veggies and sauces.

For those guests looking for something other than a gourmet dog, they can choose from the soups and salads, as well as sides (French fries, sweet potato fries, corn on the cob or coleslaw). Another noteworthy aspect of this semi-fast food restaurant is that it will sell beer – Corona, Miller Lite and Heineken.

The menu even boasts a dessert hot dog, called COOL DOG. A sponge cake bun squeezes a vanilla ice cream dog topped with one choice of ice cream toppings!

I check out their menu and all their dogs appear to be under $4.00. They even have a few (the tofu dogs) that are under 2 grams of fat.

I haven’t actually tried one yet, but if you have, let us know how it is. I’m originally from Miami and I get back as often as I can, so you can be sure I’ll give this a try next time I’m in town.


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  1. amok on

    a great frankPost 🙂

  2. cincodemayo1 on

    Thanks for being frank.

  3. BeDiverse on

    I’ve eaten at Franktitude! Delicious!! I love the hot dogs – and the buns are awesome!! The sweet potato fries are a “must” – especially dipped in honey (which they provide). It’s a great concept.

  4. Nacho on

    Completo is the name of that hot dog combination in Chile.
    Avocado, diced tomato, sauerkraut and grounded pickles, not cheese.

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