Meat & Money

Peter Luger Sauce

I never really thought about this, but it’s so true. Steakhouses are profitable. Very profitable. And when people go out to a steakhouse they’re there to spend lots of money on food and drinks and anything else that they can stuff into their mouth.

Why are steakhouses in general so obscenely profitable? tells us why.

One: You don’t have to pay a name chef; the steaks are cooked by nameless functionaries whose only job is to throw them in a broiler.

Two: The meat at any given restaurant is purchased in bulk from a single supplier and delivered in one truck.

Three: Though this meat may not be USDA prime — in fact, it probably isn’t — the restaurants can charge an arm and a leg for it; people come to steakhouses in Dionysian mode, expecting to spend money. For that reason, you can also count on them to drink a lot of liquor and wine. (The Wollensky Group, fully aware of this fact, is known for its extensive wine lists.)

Photo from Flickr.

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