Grocery Store for Kids


This is one of those ideas that you say to yourself, “why the hell didn’t I think of this first?”

With obesity levels rising, more and more parents are becoming concerned with what their kids eat. Well parents now have a place to take their kids so they can do their very own grocery shopping at, and not have to worry about them eating bad.

At Kidfresh, prices are kept low, and kids can mix and match different kid cuisines. They offer “shapewiches” which are a much more fun, kid friendly version of sandwiches. Kids can enter through a special door and grab their own kid sized shopping cart. They even offer cooking classes and events to get kids excited about cooking, and parents can even put money on credit cards that the kids can use. There’s even an ice cream counter featuring fruit kabobs and design-your-own cupcakes.

Busy moms and dads who want to provide their children with nutritious organic fare, but don’t have the time or wherewithal to whip up all their meals from scratch, will love the Kidfresh concept. A children’s food store, designed by a team that includes an award-winning chef and dietician as well as a pediatric nutritionist, New York-based Kidfresh offers prepared “Grab + Go” meals or “Mix + Match” selections that cater to four different age groups, ranging from baby to age 10. Food boxes are colour-coded according to age, and contain breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, priced from USD 4.95 – USD 7.25 per meal.

The company’s founder wanted to create a Whole Foods for children, offering kids the same variety in prepared foods as Whole Foods does for adults. All menu items are made with fresh, all-natural and mostly organic ingredients, and represent a variety of food groups, with an emphasis on fibre, fruits and vegetables. Portion sizes are age-appropriate, and, keeping in mind the interests of young eaters, Kidfresh serves food in fun shapes and colours. Menu items include Organic Yogurt Parfait with Pureed Strawberries, Honey BBQ Chicken & Cheese Wrap, Piggy-Tail Pasta with Tomato Sauce & Turkey Meatballs, and Honey Graham Stix with Yogurt Pineapple Dip.

1628 2nd Avenue
(Between 84th and 85th)
New York City, 10028


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  1. Jese on

    this… this is… brilliance

    add this to the list of “wish we had those when I was a kid”

  2. thesneakymama on

    I just saw this the other day on the Upper East Side. I didn’t have time to check it out but I surely will now! Thanks for the tip!

  3. selina on

    Hey wow! That’s REALLY cool!
    It’ll be interesting if it takes off globally =)

  4. cincodemayo1 on

    I agree…I hope this takes off globally and I wish I had one when I was a kid! This place sounds amazing! If any of you stop by, let us know how it is!

  5. […] Grocery Store for Kids [image] This is one of those ideas that you say to yourself, “why the hell didn’t I think of this […] […]

  6. Kat on

    I’d love to see actual photos of this, and find out what their business model really is. I find it interesting that you all think it’s a great idea. The thought of yet another grocery shopping trip is, well, unappealing to me. On the opposite end of the spectrum really glad home delivery has been resurrected since the days of HomeGrocer and WebVan. In Portland we have a few kid-centric restaurants with play areas that serve okay burgers and pasta and wine and beer so it’s worth it to take your kids there. I’m surprised they’re not just trying to get these boxed meals into other grocery stores. That would make a lot more sense to the truly time-starved parent.

  7. cincodemayo1 on

    I don’t think its meant to be thought of as just another grocery store to stop at for food. I think it’s meant to take your kids to once in a while so they can feel like they’re shopping and making their own good decisions on what to eat, rather than taking them to a place with unhealthy food. The concept is just a great idea.

    Start your kids early with how to shop for food, make smart food choices, etc. Plus rather than have your kids beg you to buy them this and that, you can load up a card with money on it and tell them they have that much to spend!

    Good concept, but I don’t think these kid markets will pop up all over the place. I don’t think that’s their intention.

  8. kesley on

    Seriously? Really? A kids grocery store?
    Can’t parents teach children to make healthy decisions at home? Do we really need our children to be that consumer concious. Jeez, when I was a kid I was lucky if I got a choice between cream cheese or pimento sandwiches (gross choices so, you can understand why I might be a little bitter). That aside, I could not imagine taking my children there to actually purchase anything. This will quickly go the way of the paw-spas that are popping up everywhere in DC. Really, Seriously a dog spa – whatever happened to shampoo, a hose and a rag?? No wonder generations of young peopel feel intitled.

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