Hot Rod Mop Brush

Hot Rod Brush Mop

Now that summer is just about here, it’s time to get out your BBQ tools. If you don’t have any or if you left yours out on your balcony all winter (like I might have) you should pick up this super cool Hot Rod Mop Brush as seen on Uncrate.

This isn’t just your average grill brush. This stainless steel brush features unique flame etchings almost as cool as the classic hot rods. There’s a detachable silicone mop which holds large amounts of whatever you’re slathering on your meat. There’s rubber grip for easy handling and the brush is heat resistant up to 650ºF/340ºC. But the best feature of all is the bottle opener end. No need to carry a brush AND bottle opener anymore.

And for $15 it’s totally worth it. Head over to their website to find out where to pick yours up.

Oh, and if you need an entire new set of BBQ tools, you can pick up all the Hot Rod utensils which include a spatula (turner), tongs, and a fork.

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