Watch What You Eat

Fries on TV

Literally. This LCD TV with ketchup remote is just one of the fun TV options Handspree is releasing. They also produce other themed TV’s including most major sports themed sets.

According to the Hannspree-USA website…

Frites. Papas. Fritas. Or good, old French Fries. Wherever in the world you travel, fries are everyone’s favorite. Polyurethane fries cap off this friendly design with a screen framed in bright yellow. The remote is shaped like a packet of ketchup. Squeeze it and enjoy.

And according to Nexus 404

Whilst we are inundated with cutting edge technology and gadgets its nice now and again to see a something that’s been styled with a sense of fun, such as this 10” 800×600 SVGA LCD television styled to look like a portion of chips/fries that comes complete with a remote resembling a sachet of tomato ketchup.

A perfect, playful companion to accompany all those TV dinners, this LCD television offers a 450:1 contrast ratio and comes complete with inbuilt stereo speakers rated at 2W each, RF input, SCA connection and headphone jack.

No price is listed and apparently it’s not available at the moment, but their other fun sets run about $400.

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