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I just heard about Rice to Riches for the first time last week and I’m dying to try it out.

I wouldn’t call myself a rice pudding fan, but it just sounds like a pretty creative concept that’s so targeted and such a niche market, that the place has to be good.

After perusing the web and digging up some info, the flavors look really good and the store itself looks a little futuristic.

Flavors include Coast to Coast Cheesecake, Sex Drugs & Rocky Road, Rest in Peach, Man-Made Mascarpone with Cherries, Perfectly Legal Pecan Pie, Almond Shmalmond, Surrender to Mango, and a bunch of other ones.

As for toppings, there’s a bunch to choose from, but they include NUDGE (chilled espresso with a touch of cocoa), BURST (oven roasted fresh fruits, 3 varieties), FLOURISH (toasted buttery pound cake), and HEART THROB (tender loving jelly). Toppings range from $.50 to a buck.

Sizes seem pricey, but apparently you can share a SOLO (which will cost ya $5). The EPIC (serves 1 or 2, or 3 apparently…) with 1 or 2 flavors costs $7.50. The SUMO serves 5 and is $20. And the MOBY which serves 10 is $35. Local delivery is available in NYC, but if you’re stuck on the west coast like I am, you can ship overnight (minimum order is a SUMO size.)

The rice pudding doesn’t look too pretty, but the decor of their store plus the really cool plastic bowls and shovel spoons (that are reusable) are a nice touch that make the pudding look a whole lot nicer.

I’ll definitely be stopping by next time I’m in NYC, but I might be tempted to place an overnight order and try this stuff out.

If you’re on the east coast or if you’ve been to Rice to Riches, please comment on how it is! More pudding goodness on Flickr.

37 Spring Street
between Mott and Mulberry St,
New York City – 212.274.0008
Open: Sun-Thu 11am-11pm; Fri & Sat 11am to 1am
Local Delivery from Noon – 10pm
And we ship overnight to anywhere in the USA!


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  1. Shug on

    Just went to this place last weekend (first time) and it is as good as it sounds. You won’t think about rice pudding the same way again. I had the cheesecake and went back the next day and got the caramel. Both rocked! They use sushi rice so it’s really heavy (in a good way). The containers are very cool (and even the funky spoons). Make sure you get yours TO GO so you get a snap on lid. Seems wasteful to throw out such a nice vessel.

  2. cincodemayo1 on

    Thanks for letting us know! Sounds great. I’m definitely going to have to visit next time I’m in the city.

  3. Don on

    The [rice] pudding is great. I sampled several varieties and bought three. I am going to try to understand what the stuff that I thought was rice pudding before really is!!1

  4. anita on

    I went there on a movie tour when I was there for my birthday in March 2007,I’m a great rice pudding fan anyway.We tried the cheesecake(my hubby’s fav dessert) and caramel, which were both AMAZING!!! We’re going to try different flavours when we came back again in July.

  5. anonymous on

    I was there yesterday with a college friend and her 14 year old daughter… It was great! Between the three of us, we had ‘Corner of Cookies and Cream,’ ‘Surrender to Mango with Lime,’ and Chocolate Chip (I don’t remember the full cutesy name of chocolate chip…) I don’t do fruit flavor, but the cookies and cream and the chocolate chip were great. The containers and spoons are really cool, and the tongue in cheek signs (that gave rice pudding etiquette rules, and said things like “Eating 3 healthy meals a day will spoil your appetite for rice pudding”) were fun. They had lots of people lining up for rice pudding on a lovely summer Saturday.

    You should definitely consider ordering something via overnight shipping, but if you ever get to NYC, seeing the place in person would be even better!

  6. Stacy on

    The pecan pie one is to DIE FOR.

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