Snoopy Sno-cone Machine

Snoopy Box

When I was a kid, I had one of these. Then I lost it. Then when I was in high school I found one at Toys R Us and bought it. Then I lost it.

If you also lost yours over the years, here’s your chance to redeem yourself and support the original Snoop Dog. Plus with summer just around the corner, I’m sure this’ll come in handy.

Head over to to purchase yours for $20. Not only is the Snoopy Sno-cone Machine a reminder of the 80s, but it makes a great gift for adults who remember them or even for kids who don’t.

According to FredFlare…

Let the fun begin!!! We love Snoopy and sno-cones are totes delicious!!! Includes sno-cone maker with metal ice shaver, syrup bottle, package of unsweetened drink mix, 3 paper cups, shovel scoop & instructions! Measures approx. 12”x13.5”x3” We’re thirsty!!

And if you really want to see details on this thing, head over to 80’s fan site X-Entertainment for the full review and pictorial. Here’s what they say…

For years, a whole lot of years, The Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine has delighted millions. The ability to create flavored ice shavings with very little adult supervision is something every kid pined for, and if the equipment used to do that just happened to be shaped like Snoopy’s doghouse, then that’s just the gravy baby.

Also, in case you weren’t around during the 80s or you miss this, this SpongeBob SquarePants version is almost as cool. Not as cool as Snoopy, though.


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