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No longer will “I owe you a drink” bets go unfulfilled! Thanks to!

I originally found this on CNET’s Crave site, and it seems like a pretty cool idea, although it’s in its early phases. Not a ton of bars are listed yet, but I’m sure more are added daily.

The concept is you can literally buy your friend a drink via their website, which then sends a text message to your friend telling them they have X number of dollars to spend at a certain bar. Your friend then flashes their phone to the bartender who enters the code that was sent to you, and that’s it. Free drink.

I guess next you’ll be able to take your friend to lunch without actually being there.


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  1. raincoaster on

    That’s genius. Oh crap, on second thought, I might have to pay up now!

  2. cincodemayo1 on

    Yeah, pretty smart idea. Once this catches on I’m sure a lot of people will be paying up a whole lot more!

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  4. Richard Cutts on

    Nice idea but I don’t think it would catch on in the UK. Most bar chains wouldn’t accept that kind of payment.

  5. cincodemayo1 on

    To my understanding, it seems like most bars would be all for it, since payment is made in advance.

    That way if your friend never actually makes it to the bar you bought their drink at, then the bar gets paid anyways!

    But maybe the UK is different. That sort of thing would definitely fly in the US.

  6. Richard Cutts on

    it would depend on how long it took to process the payment. Most pubs in the UK you have to go to the bar for service and more often than not they are very busy and staff would not take kindly to complicated procedures.

  7. cincodemayo1 on

    Gotchya…yeah, I could see that being a problem.

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