For the Diva in You


I’m sure there’s a diva in every one of you reading this. So why not fulfill your inner diva with a bottle of Diva Vodka? According to their site, each bottle of Diva is an elegant expression of personal expression.

This is especially true considering a bottle of this vodka will run you anywhere from $70.00 up to $1,060,000! So whether your a price or a pauper you’ll be able to customize a bottle that’s just right for you.

Diva, gem-filtered vodka is an exceptionally smooth, wheat-based ultra-premium spirit of style and substance.

Diva is triple distilled and filtered through Nordic birch charcoal, then filtered through a dense column of gems including diamonds, rubies, emeralds and for a final polish before bottling.

No two bottles are alike, with a removable column of crystals which tumble out on removal of the top stopper but are safely in the bottle during pouring. The gems may be used as a drink garnish and decoration. The 48 crystals in each bottle, selected by a Hatton Garden specialist, include cubic zircona, Scottish smoky topaz, pink tourmaline, sky blue topaz, London blue topaz, amethyst, citrine and Peridot.

The crystals in each bottle are hand-prepared by people in the Shetland Isles, Scotland with each person filling the crystals has a favorite colour and puts this at the bottom of each column so each bottle is trackable to the individual.

The producer, Blackwoods Distillers also offers a bespoke service where you can choose the range of jewels to go in the column as a totally unique gift. Jewels chosen may be rubies, diamonds, emeralds, topaz and the rare alenandrite or similar. Prices are available on request with all gems selected by the highly experienced expert, Bill Stead, London’s jewel and diamond centre of Hatton Garden. (The Drink Shop)

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