Monkey Peeler

Monkey Peeler

I could really use a potato peeler and for $8 why not get this one? It’ll go perfectly with your frog & dog oven mitts.

Amazon says the orange monkey peeler is king of the kitchen with his swivel blade stainless steel peeler, built in eye remover for potatoes. Our monkey cleans up nicely with a quick trip through the dishwasher.

Toucan Opener

And how about a Toucan Opener? Yours for $18.

According to Amazon the Toucan can opener will have your family squawking with delight with each newly opened can. The Toucan looks good, but also gets the job done with its ergonomic design, soft non-slip grip and stainless steel cutting blades.


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    Nice blog!

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    Thanks! Make yourself at home.

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    Jajaja, I´m designer and belive me… I love this post, it is really funny. Nice blog!

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