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As if Boston fans don’t wine enough between the months of April – October, now they have even more reason to do so.Coming in May, Longball Vineyards from Charity Wines will be launching 3 Red Sox themed wines, including Manny Being Merlot, Schilling Schardonnay and Tim Wakefield’s CaberKnuckle. Proceeds go to charities.

Objective: Vinlozano Imports, a wine importer, approached Charity Hop looking to sell wines featuring MLB players with proceeds going to charity.

Result: Three members of the Boston Red Sox, Manny Ramirez, Curt Schilling and Tim Wakefield, each agreed to launch their own wine label with proceeds benefiting their charity of choice. More than 8,300 cases have already been pre-sold through March of 2007, raising more than $125,000 for charity. Wine will be distributed across New England stores, restaurants and Fenway Park beginning in May of 2007.

I originally saw this on but I found more on these wines at Yard Work, where they also suggest a few other Red Sox inspired wines, including:

Coco Cristal – A smoothed-out chilly blend of only the speediest varietals, carbonated VERY naturally so as not to injure the grapes. Louis Roederer developed this reluctantly, due to the center fielder’s rap career, but is reportedly very pleased with the results. Unlike “the Triangle,” no funny stuff here!

Chenin PapelBlanc – Young white grapes are relentlessly pulverized to create this forceful varietal, featuring undertones of banana and a distinct aura of dread.

Matsusake – This imported rice wine has barely been sampled in the United States, but if the hefty price tag is any indication, it is mind-blowingly awesome.

Big Papinot Noir – This warm and full-bodied vintage all but embraces your entire mouth as it makes its inevitable circuit around your palate.

And one more from the comments section more that apparently is a very real wine! (Thanks to Hayden for the info.)

Theo Epstein’s Rockin’ Manischevitz – Party like it’s 5764! L’chaim!


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  1. Hayden Bronzino on

    Excuse me, but I must point out that Theo Epstein’s Rockin’ Manischevitz is NOT from the comments section, but is one of the many vintages custom-crafted by the Red Sox organization. I worked with Theo for a long time to arrive at just the right flavor of grapey sweetness to ensure that all four glasses go down easy next Passover. The commenter was merely one of the wine’s many, many fans — NOT its creator.

  2. cincodemayo1 on

    Thanks for the info Hayden. It read like a comment so I figured he was making it up. I went ahead and noted that. Are the other ones real as well or are those the made up ones?

  3. hurricaneA on

    Red Sox fans and wine…. So fitting since they whined for so many world seriesless seasons.

  4. ynkssuxlots on

    Manny being merlot…lol, too funny!

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