Del Taco, Hollywood

Del Taco

by Anthony Vargas

There are times when one attempts a restaurant review and, on each and every visit, the food takes a backseat role. This was the case on all visits to Del Taco on Santa Monica and Highland Boulevards. This A-rated restaurant offers a 24 Hour drive-thru and a dining room that is always filled with the perfect storm of Hollywood stereotypes from cross-dressing prostitutes to well-heeled drunks from Les Deux Café.

Be certain your auto insurance is paid and current because this parking lot is notorious for fender benders, near collisions and bumper-on-ass action. That is, if you can even get into the lot. Cars oftentimes spill onto Highland, trying to muscle into the drive-thru and blocking other unfortunate Del Taco patrons, creating a gridlock of autos either blaring hip-hop or boasting hundreds of gothic stickers on the rear window.

For after club munchies, do yourself a favor and dine indoors instead of fighting the drive-thru. The interior décor, much like any other Del Taco is Latin Festive with harsh and cold fluorescent lighting, painted streamers on the wall, and upholstery that is shrink-wrapped and vomit proof.

Don’t expect personalized service or exquisite cuisine. Our suggestion is to order the #1 Del Combo Burrito meal and do it quickly. It is filled with pinto beans, which they claim are slow cooked for four hours, ground beef and cheese. Skip the mild salsa and grab a few packs of their “beyond spicy” Del Scorcho sauce. The crinkle-cut fries are wonderful. Stay away from the burgers. The soda fountain offers Mr. Pibb, which we found was much better after the ice had melted.

What makes this Del Taco stand out from any other burger-and-burrito joint is the people watching opportunities. At 3 a.m., a drunken patron screamed “I’m in the mood for a pink taco!” before flouncing up her pink Betsey Johnson skirt to reveal her personal delicacies. On a different evening, we decided to dine in my parked car, where I had a lovely view of another drunken clubber immortalizing himself by signing his name in urine on the sidewalk. Hooray for Hollywood!

(323) 465-8100
6768 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

Review from The Rockit. Photo from Flickr.

And click here for a coupon for Del Taco’s current promotion – 6 tacos for $2.49. Then make sure you have some Imodium A-D on hand. Just in case.

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