My Jones


I always wondered how Jones Soda picked the pictures that accompanied each flavor. It seems totally random and has nothing to do with the flavor. But maybe that’s the charm of Jones.

After hours of research, here’s what I found.

Jones Soda continually changes the photographs on its Soda and Naturals labels. Except for Root Beer, the photos are all black and white. Its website features a database of several thousand submitted pictures, as well as an archived collection of internal company notes, detailing which pictures appeared when, on what flavors (for collectors of the images). Customers can also submit fortunes (similar to a fortune cookie) to be printed underneath the bottle cap. (Wikipedia)

So that’s the reasoning behind the pictures, but nevermind that.

What matters is you can now put YOUR picture, or any other picture on your very on 12-pack of Jones Soda. Unfortunately, you can’t pick the bottle cap fortune. Just the photo on the bottle and a little bit of text. But still, a nice option. It’d make a great gift.

Head over to Jones Soda and you can beginning setting up your bottles. They’ll cost ya $29 plus shipping. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

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