Color Me Coffee


I saw this on yumsugar and I thought this was a really creative way to paint. Why is this painting so unique you ask?

For several years, Duluth based artists Andy and Angel Saur have been creating all of their works of art with coffee. Like fine watercolors, the coffee works as washes and shading and each painting is 100% coffee (with the exception of an acrylic coat to preserve the art). It started when the artists were working on a new exhibit for a coffee house. Hoping to create something unique and fun, they decided to work with coffee as a medium. To achieve the different gradients, the artists brew their own thick coffee and dilute as needed. (yumsugar)

I really like the painting above, but browse their site for lots of other paintings, such as this one of George Costanza. The paintings are pricey, but you can get a print for $10.

My only question is, do you think they paintings actually smell like coffee?

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