Design Our Pepsi Can


Interested in winning $10,000?

Then head over to Design Our Pepsi Can and create your own. You have the option of either downloading a template and using your own tools (the file is an EPS), or using their drag and drop tools.

Don’t wait too long, though. Submissions need to be in by May 10th. Judging begins June 1st. Thanks to yumsugar for the heads up.


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  1. leftonred on

    thx for the heads up. I will be taking home this prize. I’ll split it with ya since I wouldn’t have known with your post. 🙂

  2. yazmilda on

    Thanks a lot, I’m looking into it 🙂

  3. cincodemayo1 on

    Sweet! Anyone who wins owes me a finder’s fee. Good luck.

  4. flutieman07 on

    Interesting…thanks for the heads up.

  5. cincodemayo1 on


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