So Long Satriale’s


When the pig is on the roof, people know The Sopranos are not far behind.

The life-size pig sits on an old boarded-up building that will soon come to life as Satriale’s, a fictional pork store where Tony Soprano and his Jersey crew hang out on HBO’s acclaimed mob drama.

As the show begins its final season on April 8, scores of Jersey businesses and residents are preparing for life without the cast and crew they have encountered over the past eight years.

The show is mostly filmed at a New York City soundstage, but many scenes are shot in the Garden State to provide a real Jersey feel. Most towns and business owners welcome The Sopranos— they get to watch the filming, snap photos of the actors and even earn some money.

Many scenes have been shot in Kearny, a working-class town across the Passaic River from Newark and about nine miles west of Manhattan. Residents have learned to recognize hints that a shoot is imminent.

“When you see those signs going up on the poles when you drive down Kearny Avenue, then you know it’s getting close,” Kearny Mayor Alberto Santos said, referring to the fliers advising residents that streets will be closed. “And when the pig goes on the roof, you know it’s really close.” (USA Today)

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