Shake them bones.


These bones need a good shaking, over a big salad or a nice plate of pasta. Pull out the cork, fill with salt and pepper, and let the shaking begin.

Made out of fired, hollow, unglazed porcelain, they are dead ringer in texture and color for the real thing. (AplusRStore)

If you like what you see, pick up your own pair of Chris Stile’s Dry Bones for $24.


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  1. breederx on

    OMGosh, I want that in my kitchen, cool, and a great conversation piece!

  2. cincodemayo1 on

    Yeah, and not too much money to shell out for a great conversation piece, and what one might consider “art”. I want one too!

  3. nisha on

    wats poppin bone

  4. nee on

    wats up

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