Gold Restaurant by D&G


When I first read about Dolce & Gabbana’s Gold Restaurant in Milan, I immediately thought of this.

But apparently it’s no joke. It’s D&G’s first attempt at a restaurant.

The ultimate symbol of money and luxury: gold. As a general rule I prefer silver myself, but there’s no denying the impressions of wealth and glamour that gold brings to the picture — whether it’s jewelry, clothing, or restaurant decor?

Yep, Dolce & Gabbana opened a new restaurant in Milan with smooth and shimmering golden accents everywhere. Gold Restaurant serves international Italian food, and has several levels including a downstairs bistro that opens at lunchtime and a more formal upstairs that serves dinner only. According to the website, the golden theme isn’t necessarily intended to represent money and luxury (yeah right), but more importantly gold is “an upbeat, sunny color” that signifies a “taste for beauty and for sensual pleasure.” It is bright and beautiful, I’ll give them that. Now, how’s the food? (Luxist)

The website is much more flashy than the photo above.

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