Ron Mexico Opens Tasting Room


Are athletes natural restaurateurs? It seems like a natural progression. It’s a chance to use their star status for a business venture, expanding their personalities and popularity. Usually it’s just some famous guy lending his name in exchange for some pocket change but sometimes the athlete really believes in it, at least enough to get it off the ground.

Take Shula’s Steak House, for example. After retiring from head coach of the Miami Dolphins, Don Shula was able to spend more time expanding his steak houses. He now has 4 different types of restaurants in 13 states.

And now Michael Vick is getting into the business, with his first venture The Tasting Room, an Atlanta winery restaurant.

Michael Vick was enthusiastic about his new winery restaurant, but the Atlanta Falcons quarterback steered away from questions about other endeavors.

Vick spoke with the media Wednesday night at The Tasting Room in suburban Atlanta for the first time since being cleared of possible drug charges following an encounter in Miami with airport security.

Vick said he was excited about his first business partnership. He had little to say about his new head coach, Bobby Petrino, or football in general. (MSNBC)

Seems like a good move for him. Now he just needs to stay away from the Miami International Airport and water bottles that smell like marijuana.


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    Dog will be the main dish

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