Candelabra Cork

Wine Bottle Candelabra

Need a cheap candelabra or an expensive cork? This Wine Bottle Candelabra from Patina Stores combines both in an affordable bottle stopper. Also a space saver if you have an abundance of wine bottles and not enough room for candelabras.

This very clever wine bottle candelabra easily fits on the top of a standard wine bottle, held securely in place by a rubber stopper, adding a stunning but unbelievably simple touch of elegance and romance to your table. This wrought iron candelabra, with it’s beautiful patina, holds 3 taper style candles and measures 5″ at tallest point and 9.5″ across. (Bottle and candles not included with item.

The candelabra cork costs $6.95 but is currently sold out, so keep checking back for more.

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