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Food For Your iPod

Mogopop Wine

If you have an iPod (one with a color screen) then head over to Mogopop and download some content to take with you on the go.

Featured at the moment is Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines (thanks to EaterLA for the heads up). Just follow the directions and download it to your iPod. Take it to the store with you and you can quickly look up the best wines by score, price and wine name.

Wine is good and all, but what if you’re hungry too? After a little snooping around in the food and drink section I found the Unofficial In-N-Out Locator which not only included locations, but also some history on In-N-Out as well as the secret menu. Just download and take your iPod to go.


Fast Food Nation

Fast Food

Threadless recently held a Fast Food Nation t-shirt contest and the winners were just announced.

Now available for purchase are two designs, the grand prize, Fast Food Meal, and the runner up, Inside You.

Guys tees go for $15 and girls tees will run you $17.

Sweet, Sweet Sushi

Candy Sushi

It looks like sushi. It feels like sushi. But it’s not. It’s candy. And it’s made of the finest chocolate, flavorings and crisp rice cookies, and it’s all made by hand.

Their candy looks incredibly like real sushi, and comes in a variety of options from individual pieces to bento boxes and combos.

This candy is created by Suedy’s Koo-ki Sushi, which is located in San Jose, CA, but you can easily place orders online. From Neatorama.

Long Live The King

The King

You may have heard that the Geico cavemen are getting their own TV series. Well now, a very deserving man of royalty is getting his own movie.

The King, of Burger King fame, will have his very own “origin story” movie that is hoping to be finished and in theaters by years end.

Not much else is revealed about the movie, but if you want to check out the original article head over to MSN. Photo from AdWeek.

Celebrate With Your Peeps


Peeps, the popular marshmallow treat that appears more prominently in stores around Easter time, is expanding their popular Peep lineup.

This year they introduce Cocoa Bunnies, Green Chicks and Sugar-free Peeps sweetened with Splenda.

But the regular Peeps aren’t all that bad at 32 calories and 0 grams of fat.

Head out to your local grocery store and pick some up. Photo from Flickr.