Lucky Clover

Sure, a cup of coffee these days costs a couple of bucks (more or less) and it seems like a bit of a rip off. But a new machine that just came out justifies the price.

Drip coffee is getting a serious upgrade, thanks to a new machine called the Clover. A high-tech gadget that looks like a cross between a water cooler and a microwave (and it’s the size of a small one), the Clover brews a single cup of coffee at a time, to order, through a process that allows the barista to adjust the brewing to fit the flavor profile of specific lots of coffee.

Coffee brewed in the Clover has the depth of flavor of a French-press brew with none of the sediment; it has a clarity and focus, even an elegance, that you just don’t experience with other brewing methods.

This $11,000 machine, yes, $11,000, is currently up and running at only one location in LA, at the Groundwork Coffee Co.’s newest brand downtown. Two are currently operating in San Fran, and only one is being used in Seattle.

For more info and for the article on the Clover found in today’s LA Times, click here.

And speaking of coffee…don’t forget to take your Starbucks coffee break tomorrow between 10am – noon for your free cup of coffee.

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