Healthy Dining Finder

Healthy Dining Finder

It’s about time a site like this came along. Every day around lunchtime, people at my office try to figure out where to go for lunch to get the healthiest meal. Well Healthy Dining Finder puts an end to all that searching.

Are you health, weight, or nutrition conscious — or looking to improve your diet? Do you like to eat out? Then you’ll love this new website, which reveals nutrition information for menu choices that fit your healthy lifesyle! Please visit often, as this website continues to grow with more restaurants — from quick-serve to fine dining — and other frequent updates.

It’s a simple concept. You type in your address, select the type of food you’re looking for, enter your price range and other criteria and poof, a number of local restaurants appear with their healthiest menu items.

I’m surprised nobody did this sooner.

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