Fruit: Risk v. Reward

Swissmiss has a great find posted up on their site, written by a Brooklyn based copywriter named Justin, on the risk and rewards of fruit.

Here’s a sample.

fruit: pineapple
risk: high
reward: moderately high
analysis: The most dangerous member of the fruit family, you could actually kill someone with a pineapple. Although its fantastic packaging presents a myriad of options for presentation if you’re entertaining, the pineapple is a very high-maintenance fruit. Its name is also confusing – the pineapple looks to ride the coattails of the apple (a questionable choice), but bears no resemblance whatsoever. Nevertheless, its consistent performance (never great but never terrible) should not be overlooked. Much like the mango, unless you’re ready for a major time commitment, buy it sliced.

Best comment on Justin’s post…

I full(y) disagree with your grapefruit description, it’s disgusting and I do not understand why anyone would enjoy it, kinda like Dr. Browns Cel-Ray Soda.

And the plum is much more of an enigma than you let on. Is it red inside? Is it yellow? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HOW CAN YOU TELL?

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