Drink Your Eggs


Well not exactly…don’t drink this, but uh, put it in  your drink.

Ice is soooooo yesterday. Today it’s all about the egg. This silver egg will keep your drinks ice cold without watering it down and it makes your drink look 10 times classier. And it can be yours for $36. A bit pricey for an ice cube replacement, but if watered down drinks are your poison, this is your cure.

Featuring the superegg form of piet hein, this seamless, liquid core, stainless steel drink cooler is a must for cocktail parties. keep a few of these in your freezer and instead of ice (which can water down your drink) just toss one or two of these super-egg shaped beauties in your glass. excellent to cool down whisky a few degrees. these are designed for cooling a beverage, not chilling one.


(I didn’t write that last line. That came directly from their site.)

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