Photo Cookies

Photo Cookie

I always wanted a cookie cake for my birthday and sadly I have yet to get one. But the same people who thought up the cookie cake have come up with something as 21st century as you can get…the incredible edible Photo Cookie. Just take your favorite picture, upload it to Mrs. Beasley, and she’ll take care of the rest. They’re 100% edible high quality iced shortbread cookies. And these cookies are built to last. The image lasts approximately 4 or 5 weeks before fading. Cookie is edible for 3 months. Keep in mind that you’ll need to order at least a dozen cookies (about $42). But you can be damn sure they’ll be the only cookie of its kind.


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  1. flutieman07 on

    Interesting…now to figure out what I want to put on my cookies.

  2. Sher on

    Wow…that’s some technology! These are a bit pricey for cookies, but a great idea for a kid’s birthday party favors! What’s next? Photo potato chips? Photo lollipops? Hmmmm…..

  3. cincodemayo1 on

    Photo lollipops would be cool, but photo potato chips would be tough to do, especially the ones with ridges!

  4. mattgunn on

    That’s a pretty cool idea!

    By the way, just found your site… it’s pretty good. Haven’t seen one quite like it before.

    Check out mine:


  5. cincodemayo1 on

    Thanks, glad ya like it. I like yours too…great favorite movie list!

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