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Pacific Dining Car

Thanks to our good friends at The Rockit, LA’s only rock & roll newspaper, we’ll now be featuring restaurant reviews on LA area restaurants. The Rockit’s site is full of music reviews, new bands to follow, concerts, night spots, directories, and a whole lot more, so give it a look over.

Back to the restaurant review. First up, is the Pacific Dining Car. Below is a snippet, but follow this link for the full article.

As far as most people can remember, Pacific Dining Car has not closed since 1921. There were, however, a few hours during the ’90s, in the midst of the L.A. Riots, when they did lock the front door. This particular door offers a unique transition from gritty Sixth Street into a dignified world of mahogany and velvet.

There are several menus from which one can choose, depending on what time one arrives. The dinner menu, which concentrates on beef, fish and anything carnivorous, runs 24 hours. A more affordable breakfast menu ($15 for two eggs and sausage) is also served 24 hours a day.

Before delving into the food, I would be remiss not to mention the skill of their bartending staff. So very few places even know of the iconic Bellini Champagne cocktail, and to know a bartender who can pull it off is just one reason to visit. The gin martinis ($12) are perfect, utterly cold and with a slight bite. If going for the bar, arrive before 1am, as sometimes the Maitre D’ attempts to shoo people out and into the dining room as early as 1:12.

Hopefully that’s enough to whet your pallet. Click here for the full article…


Take me IN to the ballgame…

Hot Dogs

Some people would argue that watching a sports game on TV at home is almost a better experience than being at the venue itself. Well the view might be better, but the food most likely isn’t the same. Until now. Thanks to the Mr. Frank Hot Dog Broiler (as seen on Uncrate) you can cook up to 48 hot dogs at a time, while warming 36 buns. And in case you have a full house, the broiler can heat up to 150 hot dogs an hour.